Silvan-ian Family.

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Jackpls 5

Galadriel or Arwen Undómiel?

Sideboard has a lot of game staples I sacrificed simply to play more on theme with Silvans.

I really like the idea of Stand and Fight but not the room to play it.

I think Feigned Voices is trash, could probably be wrong.

Rumil is there in case someone insists on playing Legolas as a hero. The money shot is playing Tree People bouncing Refugee or Weaver (has to be Refugee if it's in play) into Haldir / Legolas. Rumil obviously no good without enemies in play but you'll have to accept it for not annoying other players.

O Lorien! is insane, didn't think about how it lets you get around resource matching. Probably need the third copy of A Test of Will because Necromancer's Curse-esque treachery.


Sep 26, 2016 dalestephenson 1169

Why do you think Feigned Voices is trash? Feint is a useful event, which it provides for 0-cost at the price of returning an allly, which I find I want to do in a Silvan deck regularly anyway for the enter-play and first-turn Celeborn bonus.

Of course, with Silvan Refugee in play, they have to be taken first, don't have an enter play ability, and can't be cost-reduced with O Lórien!. I don't think they have very good synergy with a Silvan deck, honestly.

How does O Lórien! let you get around resource matching?

I presume from the absence of Silvan Tracker that Elrond is your usual defender, and that Light of Valinor and Unexpected Courage go on him?

I assume Elven-light was sacrificed for theme as well?

Sep 27, 2016 Jackpls 5

O Lorien avoids resource match largely because of how the game works. For example, in this game you generate 1Leadership 1Lore 1Spirit each turn. Excluding Elrond's ability from that mix you cannot play any two drop, because the game requires you to spend it all from the same resource i.e. Galadhon Minstrel doesn't cost 1Anything and 1Lore (like most card games), it costs 2Lore.

O Lorien reduces that by one, meaning you can play O Lorien for 1Leadership and then play Galadhon Minstrel for 1 Lore. You have now bypassed resource match.

Elrond is your defender, there was some Burning Brands involved in the deck at some point.

I've already admitted above I could be wrong on Feigned Voices, however I'm thinking in more multiplayer setting the swarm element allows me to sacrifice chud Silvans instead of not taking the attack. You have to rely on a partner for something in a multiplayer environment, I'll settle on letting them take some of the big enemies if I can't handle them.

Sep 27, 2016 dalestephenson 1169

Thanks for the explanation. I've spent so much time on LOTR that it wouldn't occur to me that the resource matching scheme might appear unusual to players of other games. I actually had the opposite problem in the last Dice Masters tournament I was in, forgetting I only needed one of the matching energy type to buy a die.

In the context of this deck, I would've expected to read that Tree People or Elrond solve the resource match issues, since you have several allies that could not be played at all were it not for those two cards. The tri-sphere distribution of resources actually isn't much of a limitation for this deck, both because Elrond can pay for allies of any sphere, and because Arwen can generate an extra resource each turn and give it to Elrond. This deck can play any two-cost ally on any turn, even without O Lorien in play.

Of course, if you're going to use Arwen's ability, Elven-light is a huge asset. Seeing an Arwen deck without Elven-light is kind of like seeing a SpGlorfindel deck without Light of Valinor.