My Try at Making Smeagol Strong

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Challenge: Make Smeagol OP 4 1 14 2.0
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NERD 522

NERD has a newer deck inspired by this one: Challenge: Make Smeagol OP

This is a rather straight-forward deck. Its goal is to a good deck using Sméagol with no regard for theme. I figured Grimbeorn the Old is a power house who can defeat Gollum perfectly so he should be in the deck. I also decided I wanted to leverage Sméagol's low threat into making a solid Bond of Friendship deck. The rest of the cards are just good and have no synergy. The only other unique thing about the deck is its use of Legacy of Númenor. I figured with 4 heroes it would make for a very fun turn one. Let me know your thoughts. If I were to make any changes, I would possibly add Armored Destrier or Favor of the Valar