Challenge: Make Smeagol OP

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NERD 721

I want to set forth a challenge to the RingsDB community: make the most powerful deck possible using Sméagol as a hero. This is my feeble attempt. I am looking forward to seeing others refine Stinker into a masterpiece Sam would be proud of.

Have Fun,



Nov 23, 2022 kjeld 543

There were some cool Fellowships that used The Grey Wanderer and Sméagol to have a player with 0 heroes in play... allowing that player to take all attacks undefended indefinitely.

askelad made two fellowships based on this idea:

Also a solo version from Emmental:

Nov 23, 2022 NERD 721

I had messed around with that idea in the past but never got anywhere. Thanks for sharing!

Nov 23, 2022 Emmental 393

Grey Wanderer Sméagol is not very powerful but very fun. Also Bond of Friendship is cheating if were try another Sméagol deck, i would probably try using to make shenanigans with Vanish from Sight.

Interesting side note : Gollum is immune to non-Gollum cards, including shadow card*. Taking an undefended blow from him is almost always 2 damage, something you can laugh at usually if you have some kind of heal. Maybe a Bree deck ?

*and Grimbeorn's response. I prefer a big bear to one-shot him.

Nov 23, 2022 Emmental 393

(immune to Grimbeorn reduction, not his counterattack. Rereadying my answer i realized it's unclear)

Nov 23, 2022 NERD 721

I completely missed that. Thanks! In that case, I would definitely use Beorn instead. Adding Landroval and Honour Guard would be best then.

Nov 24, 2022 FolcoBoffin 291

Perhaps you make Sméagol into a defender somehow. Maybe use Arwen Undómiel and a beefed up Dori (with an Unexpected Courage or two) to support Sméagol. And then use some kind of readying effect such as Greenwood Archer or Frodo Baggins to ready Smeagol after questing or for additional actions. Arwen combos well for multiplayer too by supplying sentinel. Honour Guards and healers could help keep Smeagol alive too.

Nov 24, 2022 PablOvi 232

Hey. I don't have so much to add about this deck, but I've created my own version. Thank you for this challenge, it was fun to take it :)

Nov 24, 2022 CardAddict 29

Not sure if you'd be interested, but I have a deck using Smeagol here. It is not something I would claim is OP by any means, but it is a reasonable support deck in multiplayer.

Nov 24, 2022 doomguard 1726

the fact he do only 2 dmg not more or less make him a good combination with Glóin from the start. need a little bit of healing and have 2 res every round (or 3 in 2 rounds i you defend 2nd attack).

when you start in secrecy, you can give Well Preserved to gloin and do much Timely Aid + A Very Good Tale shenanigans. as long gollum is not flipped, he helps to play lore-card-searchthings like Daeron's Runes, Drinking Song zake a hobbit or 3. hero) and Deep Knowledge

Nov 24, 2022 NERD 721

@CardAddict I am interested. The idea for your deck is cool. However, using Desperate Defense to pass around Aragorn would be far more effective. Also, Sméagol is often worse in multiplayer, as you constantly reveal Stinker. Maybe try Eleanor instead of Glorfindel if you want to be even more of a support deck.

@PablOvi No problem; I am surprised this caught others' interest.

Nov 24, 2022 NERD 721

@FolcoBoffin That would work, but what is the point? Other than being fun, Beregond with Gondorian Shield would do the same without Dori or Arwen Undómiel.

@doomguard That sounds like a lot of fun to play. Do you want to try making that deck, or can I take a crack at it? I think Pippin would be a good option for the third hero.

Nov 24, 2022 NERD 721

Another random thought: a deck using Lanwyn and Sméagol could benefit from Stinker. Now I want to try a woodmen/surge Sméagol deck.

Nov 24, 2022 NERD 721

I think it would also be a shame is Seastan's masterpiece with Rossiel was not mentioned here:

Nov 24, 2022 doomguard 1726

@NERD eel free i might give comments ;)

the Rossiel -deck seems not so much a gollums-deck to me. in act i would replace gollum with either olco or a lore-motk with low thread (first come to mind, (MotK) Gléowine than you have the draw that gollum provide without flaw)