From the Banks of the Anduin

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Eothrain 57

"Tell us, master Grima, when did you turn away from the foulness of Saruman?"

"It was years before the War of the Ring, before the King rode down from the North, before the ents of Fanforn awakened.

"I was but a young man who had entered into the service of the lords of Meduseld, driven by ambition and selfishness. I often served as a messenger between King Theoden and the White Wizard, whose words taste like honey and will bend even the most determined man. I had started down a path from which there would be no easy return.

"Then one clear night, riding close to the banks of the mighty Anduin, I heard a whisper in the water, like the rumour of a distant song. The river was running wild that night, and soon the sad notes of the song were joined by the echoes of a fearsome roar. In a dream that night I was shown a vision of perils to come, and of the heroes on whose mighty company I would not feel ashamed."

"Was it the elf witch of the forest that sang for you?"

"The song came from the forest, aye, but it was no witchcraft. A remnant of a distant world that ceased to exist long ago, is what I heard. It inspired me to become a leader of men, straightening out from my twisted roots.

"And when war came to us from the mountains and the cursed valleys of Enedwaith, I felt the presence of those two powers standing by my side: the Bear guarding over the same Northern valleys that saw young Eorl ride his first horse, and the Lady who keeps watch over the long river and the eves of Mirkwood. With them at my side, I became unstoppable."

"Is that how you came to be a hero of Rohan?"

"Aye. But I was not alone."

This is a deck that combines early-game resource acceleration (Gríma), crad draw and willpower boosting (Galadriel) and combat resilience (Beorn). It works in solo for many quests (although you may need to go easy mode), and it also pairs well with a more combat heavy deck, as long as it can manage the threat too. This is a strong hero lineup, but I have only seen it in one other deck here.

The attachments are there mostly to support Galadriel, giving her action advantage and resources. The events include the usual fare: I went for Deep Knowledge instead of Daeron's Runes because it is easy to keep the threat level down, it triggers the Keys of Orthanc, and it gives you a big hand size, which is great for the Mirror of Galadriel.

You can play with the specific mix of allies as you like. The two sets of Outlanders will give you a massive questing and combat boost in the mid- and late-game. Gléowine provides reliable card draw, and Henamarth Riversong the kind of scrying that makes solo play more leaisurely (swap him out for Warden of Healing in multiplayer). Envoy of Pelargir ensures some resource smoothing.

This deck is vulnerable to encounter deck nastiness, especially card draw hate and effects damaging weak allies. But scrying and A Test of Will should protect you from the worst. The only type of questing that it is not good at is siege, but then again that's a very specific type of quest. For average quests and even those with some decent fighting this deck works well enough, and above all it is fun to play.