Spirit Elves

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This is probably my favourite deck that I've made and it is a really enjoyable deck to play in multi-player games since it gives such good support. It is a mono-spirit deck that I initially started building out of my first core set and gradually improved as the card-pool expanded. It has all the core-set goodness for and some great cards released in later sets. The deck contributes high questing and threat-reduction from early in the game and it is a great support to combat decks in multiplayer games. The deck can usually be relied on to do most of the heavy-lifting for quests and keep the threats of all players under control; your fellow players will usually enjoy the support they receive.

Unlike some other decks that use Galadriel, this deck does not use Nenya, since I don't rate it as particularly useful. In the early game it is usually best to try to get Light of Valinor early (using a mulligan if needed) since this will get you off to a strong start with your questing. Saving resources for cards like A Test of Will and Hasty Stroke is also a good idea to deal with nasty surprises from the encounter deck. The deck actually has quite good card-draw throughout the game using the ability on CĂ­rdan to discard Elven-light; with this combo and Galadriel it is feasible to draw four cards a turn, though you may wish to use her to help other players instead.