The Bad, the Good and the Ugly

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phosgene 8

Let me introduce you my first deck here. I won't post a deck that is not fully satisfaying to me.

The objective here is to see if, using massive card draw + heal I can manage to setup Treebeard as fast as possible.

This can delay the encounter deck enough to attach or play a lot of useful card for treebeard which is the real "end game" playmaker : Starting Threat = 26 which allow you to wait for enough quest at the beginning of a game. Enough card draw to allow you to start with a Heed the Dream or a Steward of Gondor at least in your very first hand.

Then using the 4 ressources (1 from Treebeard, 1 from Denethor, 1 from Steward of Gondor placed on Treebeard), just litterally throw your hand on the table !

When you don't have anymore cards in your hand, use your ressources to ready and reuse the Warden of Healing !

I mainly use Glorfindel to quest, and kill mobs at the beginning but also using its 5 health to take undefended attacks. Denethor is usully sacrified (often involuntarily ^^') at mid game if things are going serious.

The sideboard contains recent cards I haven't played with. Feel free to comment and share your ideas !

Fog on the Barrow-downs ... 1/1 Journey Down the Anduin : 3/3 Journey Down the Anduin Nightmare : 2/2 (epicness in the second game where the deck was close to lose. But the All in was successful) The prancing Pony : 1/1 The Massing at Osgiliath : 1/2

The game is always a bit hard to start, ennemies and/or location can stay 2-3 turns in the staging area. But turn 3/4, Treebeard is set and the game becomes easier !