Voltron Treebeard

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Djedi14 23

This is primarily a solo deck. It has basically all the staple overpowered cards. Glorfindel, Steward of Gondor, Light of Valinor, and Arwen Undómiel, while also using Treebeard making his ally not usable. The other decks have to be tailored down to play with this deck, sadly. But it is a pretty solid deck. The goal is to give Treebeard as many attachments as possible, which is fun since he cannot have any restricted attachments. However, between Dúnedain Mark, Dúnedain Warning, Protector of Lórien, A Burning Brand, and his ability, Treebeard can have 2-10 , 3-10 , and 3-6 while canceling shadows (until the A Burning Brand errata comes into play, but you can always give this to Denethor only). His 5-7 helps him use his ability. Getting Steward on him is great to fund the healing that is necessary to keep him up. Denethor also can get Steward if a Song of Wisdom is found early. Glorfindel keeps threat down and is an amazing support hero to supplement Treebeard. Often, tougher enemies take 6-7 to kill, so damaging Treebeard once plus Glorfindel gives you 7 . Alternatively, Denethor could also be an amazing defender with Wisdom, Brand, Draught, and Protector, and Arwen can give him another boost. Typically I build up Treebeard first, then put Denethor to work later so the ent can thrash the encounter deck, plus the Warnings can be moved to him later so it does not matter who gets them first. The late game draw is given by Elven-light + Protector combo, and Galdor can also give some support when you discard the first card. Errand-rider gives Glorfindel the resources to do it, and there are not that many cards. The healing comes from the usual sources. Celebrían's Stone is also not necessary but questing for 5 with Glorfindel is nice without exhausting, and the deck runs no other restricted cards (at publishing before the newest FAQ) so no worries about that. I use the Marks to be the only weapons aside from Treebeard's ability so they can be incredibly useful, but sometimes Sneak Attack did serve a greater purpose.

This deck does struggle in the early game a little with willpower so your resources must be used wisely to help stymie whatever the encounter deck throws at you early. With Glorfindel and Treebeard having 5 each, undefended attacks are not always the worst things in the early game. Another worry is that if the resource acceleration is quicker than the card draw engine then you stall out until the cards come. Sometimes sacrificing Protector + Elven-light for more consistent cards to draw more cards is good unless you need some high defense or high willpower late in the game.

Good opening hands should include:

  • Steward of Gondor, Errand-rider, or Song of Wisdom for Lore resource generation
  • Warden of Healing, Ent Draught, Self Preservation, or Wellinghall Preserver for healing
  • Quickbeam, Arwen, Light of Valinor, or Unexpected Courage for Willpower aid -Galdor+Protector of Lorien, Daeron's Runes (and with Elven-light this becomes all the much sweeter), or Master of the Forge for card draw. If you run Sneak Attack then Gandalf can also fill this role.

While this has absolutely no theme, it is a fun deck that gets Treebeard the uses he needs to justify his high threat.

The sideboard includes some cards I used to beat specific quests or during the campaign through Flame of the West. Aragorn became the focus of that variant of some campaign decks so they run differently, but still easy to pilot.


Jul 08, 2019 Yepesnopes 962

Enjoy it while you can, an errata on ABB is comming... :(

Jul 08, 2019 Djedi14 23

@Yepesnopes Yeah, that is why I wanted to publish the deck. But Denethor, at least, can still wield the fire with his song once it happens, so it still has some use in the deck. Kind of goes against the "Voltron Treebeard" theme, sadly...

Jul 10, 2019 Gizlivadi 817

No Lembas?

Jul 10, 2019 Djedi14 23

@Gizlivadi That would be a great addition! I do not own any of the Ringmaker cycle so I cannot play Lembas.