The Fellowship Of Whoever Happens to Be Available

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Sfrug 371

You have come and are here met, in this very nick of time, by chance as it may seem.
— Elrond

This is a card game: why not let chance determine the fellowship?

Mulligan for Vilya, of course. If you don't find it, Gather Information (sumonded by Thurindir of course) is your backup: quest all three heroes until you complete it. (If you do find Vilya, Gather Information is less urgent, but try and complete it anyway to either pull extra copies of Vilya out of your deck, or find an Unexpected Courage to make your Vilyaing free.)

And then blind Vilya. The only cards that will whiff are the spare copies of Vilya. Otherwise, you'll get either a unique ally, a choice of five possible allies (if you hit Timely Aid) or another use of Elrond (Unexpected Courage).

Note that once your fellowship is set up, you can still play around a bit. Some allies—Háma & Damrod—are made to be discarded: discard them and then Vilya out another ally to replace them. Or, if you need a Gandalf, use one to defend a tough enemy, put Gandalf in the next round, and then Vilya his replacement the round after.

If you really want a thrill every time you blind Vilya, throw in the card from the sideboard.

Obviously the deck will be stronger some times than other... but hey, card games are games of luck. "Yet it is not so. Believe rather that it is so ordered that we, who sit here, and none others, must now find counsel for the peril of the world...."


May 26, 2023 pirinisz 36

I really liked this deck and definitely going to give it a try, but I was wondering: why don't you add 2-3 more side quests to boost Thurindir's stats?? Other than that, this decks seems pretty promising!! Well done!!!

May 26, 2023 Marctimmins89 107

It'd be to ensure the blind Vilya hits a big ally. Awesome deck. Looks fun.