Gandalf alone singing

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Singing Secretly
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jkgjunior 3

My first plan in this fellowship was to build a deck where all of the songs could come from. Instead of using lots of card draw, I decided that using Gandalf would work best. This is the suggested plan for using this deck:

1: Wizard Pipe is in your side board. That should be your Setup attachment.

2: Mulligan for Resourceful, Steward of Gondor, and Strider if possible. Resourceful and Steward of Gondor will give Gandalf the resources needed to quickly attach songs onto other heroes. Strider Will give Gandalf the power to commit to the quest without exhausting.

3: You should attach these cards as soon as possible. (Even if you have to use The Grey Wanderer early to get the resources needed.)

4: During play, you should play cards from the top of your deck whenever you can. You can use Wizard Pipe to swap the top card of your deck, and use Expert Treasure-hunter to basically draw an additional card every round. You should be playing lots of songs to attach to Lobelia Sackville-Baggins and Tom Bombadil

5: There are cards that you won't be able to play, and you will wonder why they are in this deck. (Like Herugrim for example). Don't worry. They are in here for a reason. Just use your Wizard Pipe to put it into your hand.

6: Read all of the cards carefully. (not just your own) These decks are made to help each other, and 50% of these cards will be new to you (unless you work with ALEP or find this fellowship a year after I published it.)

I hope you enjoy this fellowship. This is a rough draft, and I am open to new ideas. I hope you enjoy playing it.