Flies and Spiders Nightmare Solo Progression

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Copterman 1045

DECK NAME - Spider-Geddon

OVERVIEW - I've tried so many combos trying to find a better hero line-up for the NM version of Flies and Spiders than the one I used for the original quest, but these three heroes remain the best approach to this frustrating quest. The NM version of Flies and Spiders is definitely harder to win consistently than the OG. Good news is though the NM deck is stronger than the last time, so is our player card pool.


  • Eowyn - quest and pitch
  • Frodo - attach Resourceful if able during stage 1; quest with him and take undefended attacks; since he cancels the damage he is not poisoned; also since he is not a defender the "attach poison to defending character" shadow cards whiff; be careful if he has a poison card on him as it only takes 2 to make him unconscious (Lazy Lob)
  • Glorfindel - attach Light of Valinor; try to insure he is ready each round for a counterattack against any enemies you may engage (lowest enemy engagement cost is 25)
  • Bilbo Baggins - be sure to grab Bilbo's Magic Ring before moving on to 2A


  • OPENING HAND - primarily Light of Valinor, but Resourceful, A Test of Will, or Gandalf are some of the other cards you want to see
  • SETUP - put the NM poison card on Glorfindel; shuffle a copy of Bilbo's Magic Ring into your deck
  • STAGE 1B - turtle a few rounds if you can and keep your threat low; don't play allies if possible so you can save up for Gandalf; good to get a Resourcefuls on Frodo and/or Gandalf in play before moving on
  • STAGE 3B - Bilbo Baggins can ready unconscious characters starting with Frodo who hopefully has some Resourceful attachments; use Bilbo's Magic Ring each round to gain a resource in order to revive one character per round; keep Bilbo ready for when you move on past 3B
  • STAGE 4B - should be able to quest past The Spider's Glade and 4b in one round; add a 2- spider from The Spider's Glade forced effect
  • Envoy of Pelargir - best to keep ready for attacking back rather than questing or chumping
  • Gandalf - when he is unconscious his forced effect does not trigger so try to get him out before moving on from 1b
  • Imladris Stargazer - almost functions as card draw
  • Gandalf's Staff - a luxury, but a good one; can draw cards or discard shadow effects should a spider attack
  • A Watchful Peace - generally good to have locations guaranteed for staging
  • Power of Orthanc - can discard a poison card as they are considered Condition attachments
  • Shadow of the Past - use to set yourself up for a stress-free round