Sting Like A Bee

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TalesftCards 4838

This is an updated version of the original Hobbit deck I built right after cracking open The Black Riders at Gen Con the year it was released. The core idea of the deck has never really changed: Pump Merry up and let him kill things, have Sam defend, and use Pippin for card draw. What has changed is the ally lineup, and I think it will always continually change as new allies are released. There are a few different Hobbit builds possible using this hero trio. One of them can make good use of Ents, and I've had fun with that particular deck, but I already have quite a few decks featuring Ents now, so I didn't go with that approach for this one. This is the classic "big alies" Hobbit build, which uses Elf-stone and Sneak Attack to get the big guys into play. There's also plenty of resources with Steward and Errand-rider to pay for some of them conventionally as well. The newest additions are Taste It Again! and Staff of Lebethron from Land of Shadow, which make Sam even better. Still one of the most enjoyable decks around that is powerful at the same time. This can work in either solo or multiplayer.


Apr 04, 2016 Beorn 7051

This brings back happy memories of our first GenCon. It was fun to watch you build this (or the original incarnation, anyway) right there at the table.

Apr 04, 2016 mndela 326

I built a deck with those 3 heroes when Black Riders was released, and it worked very good, for example, in Shadow of the Past, when it seemed it wouldn't. Now, watching your list, also seems the big-allies strategy doesn't work with only elf-stone. I'm curious to see how it really works.

Apr 04, 2016 TalesftCards 4838

Yeah, I could see how it might not seem feasible with just Elf-stone. What helps is:

  • Sam gets Steward, so Faramir and Anborn don't need Elf-stone to get into play.
  • Beorn is mostly meant to be used with Sneak Attack.
  • That leaves just Boromir and Gildor (possibly Elrond) whose main option is Elf-stone.

So overall the cost curve of the deck is actually pretty low. One thing that does happen is Sam sometimes piles up resources without enough to buy, especially if Errand-rider doesn't show up, so I'm considering adding A Good Harvest or even Parting Gifts to shunt a bunch of resources over to one of the other heroes.

Apr 05, 2016 mndela 326

Ok i see. Good Harvest is the best to me. The most versatile card in the game, i would say, if you hurry me.

Apr 05, 2016 SecondhandTook 412

Happy to see this one updated! This was one of the first decks I built/had good results with after reading about it on your blog post. Still probably one of my favorite archetypes/playstyles in the game.

Apr 06, 2016 DrBrew13 1

Anyone have a good deck to pair with this one to start my saga campaign? Looking for something mildly thematic (Loreagorn?)

Apr 07, 2016 widowmaker 136

@DrBrew13 bit of self promotion here I know, but I have a pretty well refined Silvan deck on ringsdb over here

Read the description, as it talks about removing Elladan if you aren't playing with the sister deck. But it's a pretty solid deck that's easy to play with big bodies.

Apr 26, 2016 christottey85 76

I remember first playing this deck and the float like a butterfly version too. I loved them.

The only fatal mistake I feel you made was not naming them "float like a butterbur" and "sting like a bree"

Apr 27, 2016 TalesftCards 4838

@christottey85Oh man! Those names are perfection!

Apr 28, 2016 christottey85 76

@TalesftCards I know right ;). In the description ou mention a hobbits anf ent deck you use? Any chance of posting it? It spunds like a fun build

May 02, 2016 Cerberov 1

Thanks for this. I am having some trouble though with some quests where very strong enemies have low engagement cost, such as the watcher in the water... Any sideboard for these quests? THANKS!!

May 02, 2016 TalesftCards 4838

`@Cerberov That's a good question. Anything that can help keep enemies at bay while you get setup could be helpful. Cards like Take No Notice, Fresh Tracks, or Ranger Spikes would be at the top of my list.

May 02, 2016 TalesftCards 4838

@christottey85Here's the Hobbit Ent deck:

May 03, 2016 christottey85 76

@TalesftCardsthanks man

May 31, 2016 wordsampersand 7

I've been using an updated version of this deck to run through the Saga campaign with a friend. It's so good it's unbelievable!

Jun 22, 2016 TenormanTears 1

I've been using this deck archetype and variants of this since black rider. My favourite deck. This one is great

Feb 08, 2017 Benedikt 203

I like this one a lot, but there is one question: Why noch Treebeard?