Minimum Purchase: The Fate of Numenor

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This is a deck built from just Core Set + Grey Havens cards for an ongoing series on my blog, Darkling Door.

Played Against: The Fate of Númenor

Piloting the deck

This deck has a huge amount of questing potential from round 1. The biggest trick is in figuring out when to hold characters back for the Combat phase.

Most of the time, I leave Aragorn ready (whether by spending his resource or by simply not sending him on the quest) just in case some Enemy appears to ruin my day. He makes a serviceable defender in the early game, and a good attacker once someone else is around to take over the defensive duties.

Later in the game, hopefully I've found Narya and can use it to ready up some defenders. This means that unless I have managed to find my single copy of Unexpected Courage, I'm going to be holding Círdan the Shipwright back from the quest too. But once I have a hearty supply of Allies in play, his 4 willpower is less important than the security Narya brings to the table.   I think the best mulligan card is Steward of Gondor, but a good hand with Unexpected Courage would be hard to pass up. Círdan's filtering ability should help me to find most of the additional cards I need as I play, but 1-of cards like Unexpected Courage aren't guaranteed to come up every game.

Ultimately, this deck can quest much more effectively than it can fight. It's important for me to play to those strengths, leaving Enemies in the Staging Area when possible and generally trying to complete the quest quickly before something scary shows up. As long as I keep my head down and quest hard, I should be fine.

► For more analysis, check out my blog post on this quest.


Nov 06, 2018 dobrophonic 10

Thanks for a nice, straightforward, simple deck that I can build with the cards I already own. I'll try it out on a rainy day.