Sam the Warrior, a rangeress and a lady of the Mark

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The lady Éowyn is in need of an escort through the Badlands of Middle Earth and who better than Sam Gamgeethe brave? they encounter the mysterious ranger, Idraen, who proves a valuable companion with her knowledge of the wild lands. Well Warned is the thematic cornerstone that inspired this deck, as the noble Éowyn is depending on the know-how and expertise of Idraen, the Dunedain Ranger.

This is my newbie attempt at a solo deck that is intentionally duo sphere Spirit- Leadership only. the main idea in the deck is to have two self-readying combat characters in Idraen and Sam Gamgee, with Éowyn and assorted allies power questing whenever beneficial. The two innate readying abilities allows for some aggressive early triple-hero questing.

Once in the mid to late game, Unexpected Courage or Steed of the Mark gives Éowyn the action advantage to use Herugrim to hit hard against stubborn enemies.

At its core, I am trying to create a deck that allows Sam to showcase his skills as a defender, while Idraen and Eowyn are questing and simultaneously dispatching foes in dynamic-duo fashion. Not working as well as I would like yet. I like how fast the deck is, but, the heroes are all quite squishy and without healing or damage mitigation, I've had trouble with some quests that are combat heavy , especially against heavy archery damage like in Escape from Umbar- list text here (first quest of Sands of Harad).