The Path to Redemption

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Warden of Arnor 3239

Three heroes who would be widely considered the enemies of the Free Peoples of Middle Earth come together to help them.

Primarily a Harad deck with some Isengard/Doomed support. With Steward of Gondor and Keys of Orthanc on Kahliel plus the cost reduction from Gríma and Southron Refugee playing the powerful unique Harad allies isn't too hard. Combat can be easily covered by Jubayr, Yazan and Na'asiyah for the most part, with some help from other allies and potentially Kahliel (whose readying ability can be very useful for this). Questing is covered by everyone else. Kahliel's readying can half compensate for the exhaust cost of Peace, and Thought as well. Gandalf keeps threat under control and potentially provides even more card draw. The White Council can provide additional readying if needed or recover useful cards from the discard pile (most likely card draw or Sneak Attack).


Aug 08, 2017 Seastan 18136

Did you try out Tighten Our Belts at all? I consider it an auto-include in a Grima/Leadership/Trisphere deck.

Aug 08, 2017 Maogrim 98

Very, very cool deck, and quite reminds me of my own 'Ambassador to Harad' ( ) :) Though I think that the theme more or less screams for at least one copy of Saruman.

Aug 08, 2017 Warden of Arnor 3239

@SeastanI brought it up in the blog post, it was in my first draught but I found the extra resources mostly superfluous and I'd rather just be playing cards every round.

Aug 08, 2017 Taurelin 182

I love Na'asiyah, I love thematic approaches to deckbuilding, I love your deck!

Jun 25, 2019 uuneter 50

Just played through the Haradrim cycle for the first time using this deck. It worked pretty well - I was able to beat most of the quests in 1-2 tries, except The Black Serpent which took me 6 tries. Even with Keys of Orthanc, Gríma, and Southron Refugee, I found the deck heavily reliant on Steward of Gondor.