Elven Control

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Bullroarer Took 83

This deck is intended for the fourth player at Assault on Dol Guldur. Using Arwen allows us to play Out of the Wild on turn 1 and possibly even have A Test of Will backup. The deck is not really a victory display deck as much as it is control, hence no Keen as Lances. Scroll of Isildur is to recycle Out of the Wild while Dwarven Tomb allows us to pull back A Test of Will. (Map of Earnil won't work on A Test of Will.)

After that is Elrond who will slowly add powerful allies to the table with Vilya. Don't forget that Gildor Inglorion will allow you to switch an expensive card in your hand for a less expensive one in the deck so that Vilya can be more efficient.

Finally, A Burning Brand and Cloak of Lórien will allow Elrond to defend for 4 with no shadow effect. Any extra damge can be quickly healed with Daughter of the Nimrodel. While it's a bit of a long shot, the extra A Burning Brand and Song of Wisdom are for Beregond in one of the other decks allowing him to defend for 6 and no shadow.

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