The Bow and the Shield

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Denison 575

An update to the combat deck in my favorite-two player fellowship.

Deck Goal:

There is the potential to get Beregond everything he needs to successfully defend a Hill Troll AND cancel the shadow effect in round 1. Pay for Song of Wisdom with the Tactics resource, equip the free shield and use the Lore resources for Burning Brand. I have drawn into this three-card combo in round 1 plenty of times, but usually by round 3 all heroes are maxed out and attachments start getting sent to the other team.

Opening Hand:

Song of Wisdom is the key and worth a mulligan. There is enough healing to help Beregond without his shield, but A Burning Brand cannot be played on our target without the song. SoW also helps with resource smoothing.


Balance readying cards between Beregond and Haldir, with Beregond calling dibs.

The allies are there as cheap targets for Spare Hood and Cloak. Once equipped they provide flexible readying to support additional attacks or defenses as needed from the heroes. And yes, the Vassal of the Windlord can take a turn to drop off a cloak, since it is not a restricted attachment.

Copies of Expert Treasure-hunter go on the Spirit heroes in the other deck.

The first copy of Keeping Count goes on Haldir. The second goes to Idraen. Keeping Count is an underrated card that can give an absurd attack boost in late games when needed against a boss enemy.

Protector of Lórien goes on Erestor and then the sprit heroes.

Playtesting - So far this fellowship has reliably beaten the last four scenarios of the Haradrim cycle.