Aggro Caldara v4

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Beorn 13471

This is an updated version of my older Aggro Caldara deck, with changes for her once per game errata. By removing the copies of Fortune or Fate, we free up space for some other tricks like Stand and Fight. For more strategy, see the previous version of this deck.


Apr 05, 2018 Erisau19 26

Hello there Beorn! Love the deck, I just was wondering if you considered A Very Good Tale since you have 30 allies and access to the leadership sphere? Do you think it would work well with the deck or slow down the tempo too much?

Apr 06, 2018 Beorn 13471

Yes, A Very Good Tale is an excellent fit for this deck. The only reason that I left it out is because I was hyper-focused on mustering allies in the first few rounds of the game, no matter what you draw. Because A Very Good Tale requires us to draw and play Narya it cannot be consistently relied upon in the critical early game. Still, in quests where mustering big allies in the mid to late game still has use, I think it is the perfect fit in this deck. You may even get lucky and be able to pull it off early, just don't rely on that being something this deck consistently does in the first two rounds.