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Darkling Door 6122

This is a deck built from just Core Set + Khazad-dûm cards for Path Less Traveled, an ongoing series on my blog, Darkling Door.

Played Against: Flight from Moria

Working with the deck

This deck works best when I'm willing to take big risks for big rewards.

When possible, I like to take the first couple of attacks on the deck undefended. That extra surge of 2-3 resources from Glóin's ability in the first couple of rounds can really help me to set up my board state quickly. The second undefended attack can go on Gimli, powering him up so he can obliterate anything that should happen to rear its ugly head.

I like to put extra hit points from cards like Boots from Erebor and Citadel Plate on Glóin first, and Gimli second, since you really only need so much attack power, but resources are always useful. Because Glóin is often flush with extra cash, he's also a good target for Narvi's Belt (although depending on the board state I have played the belt on Bifur instead sometimes).

The deck doesn't really have a repeatable defender, instead relying on either healing up Glóin to take more undefended attacks or getting down chump blockers to tank hits for me. Sneak Attack or Quick Strike can both help in emergency situations where I find myself engaged with more things than I can safely defend.

And because I know somebody's going to bring it up—yes, I did throw a copy of the much-maligned Brok Ironfist in the deck. He's absolutely as bad as everyone says he is, but I figured that in this deck (especially since I'm intentionally taking so much damage) it's possible for me to accidentally lose a Hero to a bad Shadow Effect, so maybe this is Brok's one chance to come out of the binder for a bit to play!

As long as I win my early-game bets, I should be able to keep the Staging Area clear and quickly bring the quest home.

► For more analysis, check out my blog post on this quest.


Mar 20, 2018 Beorn 13370

One of my favorite sneaky-powerful combos in this deck is Erebor Record Keeper and Durin's Song. Unlike most stat-boosting events the Song lasts until the end of the round, making readying that much more powerful. It's impressive how effective this deck is, with such a limited card pool. Good work.

Mar 24, 2018 Darkling Door 6122

Oh hey, I never even noticed that synergy between Erebor Record Keeper and Durin's Song before, that's a good one!

May 04, 2022 Jreilly89 309

Just got Khazad Dum. Can't wait to try this deck out!

Jul 02, 2022 Jhorner 1

Having fun with the deck, but the lack of card draw has left me with piles of resources and nothing to do with them. Find that it may be Gandalf's card option Ill use most.

Jul 03, 2022 Darkling Door 6122

@Jhorner Absolutely, you're going to want to use Gandalf for card draw every time. This minimum purchase card pool is a little light on draw options; as you get access to more cards subbing in some more draw is a good idea.