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profparm 22

I was extremely skeptical when I read Treebeard at first. He's so high of a threat, I wasn't sure I'd ever really have a good place for him. But I wanted to make a mono-Lore deck, as its been my favorite sphere so far, and I wanted someone that could take a hit, attack, or quest. Originally the 3rd character was Glorfindel instead of Denethor, thinking Treebeard's 3 def + ent allies liking to defend would be good enough. I quickly found out that using Treebeard to defend is the biggest waste for him.

Basic idea of the deck is to prioritize Magic Ring on Treebeard, hoard Dam Bursts until the most crucial turn, and get healing out before ents (with Wellinghall Preserver being the best ally for the deck). With 27 threat, you dodge some mobs, but I've been running this deck through Lost Realms and Angmar Awakened cycle (with 2 quests left), and there's enough threat raising that Pippin almost never triggers.

I could see going a few other directions with Treebeard. I could see running Spirit to get Unexpected Courage. However, I only have 1 core, so that's only a 1-of max for me. I could see going Sam Gamgee instead of one of the other heroes to run a few hobbit attachments and include 3x Cram for Treebeard to have a little more readying, plus the core set "exhaust a hero to ready a hero" card. I could also see going Tactics for more ents, but I think running both Treebeard and Quickbeam would be such a high threat that you wouldn't have the time. The only game I've lost with the deck was due to hitting 50 threat a turn before I'd win, and I've never ended a quest with less than 43 threat.

This deck is my second truly successful deck (I've taken Hobbits through all of Harad and about half of Saga with only a few second or third tries). As I've said, I could see playing around with expanding out from Lore, but losing the ability to play Wellinghall Preserver, Self Preservation, or Daughter of Nimrodel on turn 1 would be rough. Overall, this deck has been a lot of fun so far.


Jun 14, 2018 Valdemart 1

If you want to hold onto mono Lore and don't mind a bit of chump blocking until you set up, replace Denethor with Folco Boffin. When your threat starts to be a problem, just ditch the Hobbit! Or if you wish, you can explore secrecy a bit by discarding Folco on turn 3 and using Strider and Resourceful. You can even replace Pippin for Folco, if you are not using his ability that much, thus keeping your main defender.

I have never played with Treebeard so I have no idea what a good solo deck for him looks like. However, should you explore playing two-handed, pairing him with Elrond, Glóin + Song of Mocking on the other side can be really fun (and you can give him a Dúnedain Cache and make him a formidable ranged character).

Just make sure to supply him plenty of healing, otherwise you will be better with just an ent ally swarm.

Jun 14, 2018 profparm 22

I like that Folco idea a lot, but the deck has a slow start ally-wise, and I'd rather be able to quest with TB on turns 1 or 2 so I can damage him to boost the WP than have to defend with him t1. I do like being able to put Strider on Treebeard and have him not exhaust, though. Folco for Pippin might be a good swap, but I won't be able to Dam Breaks once Folco gets sacced. I might check out the unique lore Hobbit allies if I play Folco to let me use Dam Breaks late. All in all, not a bad change, because I could just plan on saccing Folco when I'm at 49 to give me that threat buffer.