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Rouxxor 1028

This deck is based on the rohan trait. We want have a good use of the one per turn reduction of Théoden, who make rohan ally on a more reasonable cost. After some test we get to use more and more rohan allies to use their mechanics (Eomund, Gamling) so we now have almost all our allies with the rohan trait, and this give even more personality to this deck :).

Our job is mostly to do the quest. And to cancel and reduce the threat. We also can block on the beginning with Theoden. Then we try to get faster, wich is pretty easy with mustering, gather information and a very good tale, Eomund, potentially 2 or three of them. He main use is to be sacrificed to ready all the others rohan character. So we can kill two enemies after putting 16 on the quest. By the time we have Guthwine we can also play it each turn! We also have a Hama/Gamling combination to block two times or block then attack when we don't have guthwine. We don't play much of the "sacrifice to do something" rohan allies because we prefer to set a full board to do a good job in quest and be able to fight after Eomund untap.

There is a little synergy between Eowyn and elven-light, because we can draw a card for a energy resource at every turn. We don't use it any turns because of our intense need of energy resources but it still can be usefull.

This deck work pretty well. We do our trick and enjoy to do a lot with little peoples.

We can manage to change some cards with our side. Especially about arwen, gandalf and galadhrim's greeting who are better in other decks. We put of course steward any time nobody play it, We also use tactic elfhelm and riddermark finest in association with Gamling.


Sep 12, 2018 Alonewolf87 193

To use Eomund at its utmost you may consider Ride to Ruin, Helm! Helm! or even Bulwark of the West (and get it back with Gamling also)

Sep 13, 2018 Rouxxor 1028

At some point it would be more useful to use Grim Resolve ;). With Gúthwinë you have a permanent effect that both give +2 attack and install a mechanic to use Eomund every turn. The card you name make a powerful effect but only work once, and only if you also have Gamling and haven't use Eomund yet. It is so difficult to use compare to guthwine. This deck don't draw that much (and can't produce enough resources to allow to use much drawing effect anyway) so this kind of short effect wasn't effective enough when I playtest.

Sep 13, 2018 Alonewolf87 193

So basically the idea is to use Éomund as a chump blocker as often as possible, right?