Full Gondor Mono Sphere Fellowship

Rouxxor 1774


It is quite clear that most of the gondor design is made by sphere and not that much supposed to be mixed with other gondor content. The most obvious example is in spirit where Caldara, emery and pelarship shipwrigth are only made for a mono spirit deck, and where Prince Imrahil ally is made good thanks to Caldara effect. It is also true, but in a more discret way in other sphere thematic, where Hirgon for example call for many many tactics ally, and is better in mono tactics, where the trap strategy is hard to be splashed in a deck. The leadership tools are the only one that actually welcome pretty well others sphere to join it, and we can clearly build leadership based with other sphere splashed gondor themed deck.

Anyway since there is an attempt of making each sphere requiring an entire deck to work with I had the wish to build a fellowship with 4 mono sphere decks, all gondor since a long time. But there is many obstacles in the way, mainly because of the uniqueness rule:

  • In Tactics we may want to play Prince Imrahil hero and either hero or ally Boromir.
  • In Leadership we really want Denethor hero (best leadership hero in the game) and we would like very much to play faramir as a messenger of the king ally.
  • In Lore we are happy to play Damrod and messenger of the kings anborn but then there is only 2 remaining heroes who are quite bad: Denethor and Faramir. What is even worst is that when playing one of them we screw another deck who can have a better version of them. We would have like to play ally mablung also, but that is manageable.
  • In Spirit we would have prefer not to really that much in gondor anyway. We need tools to discard cards from hand or deck to feed Caldara. Some of the best heroes of the game does that, but gondor does not. Even within the gondor hero Beregond hero would have been far better in spirit that he is in tactics but it is just not possible for obeying all the uniqueness possibility. We would also like to reanimate some spirit ally that really worth building a caldara strategy: glorfindel and Jubayr. But it is not possible if we want to play really thematic gondor. Even Damrod is not allowed because of the lore hero. Not that he is that good anyway ^^. The only cool thing of this version over the classic Caldara: we can put in play prince imrahil thanks to lothiriel ability, then sacrifice Caldara and Prince imrahil won't leave play at the end of the phase because he is not an ally anymore. And a good use of knight of belfalas.

These problems with 13 heros (including the replacement hero for caldara, who is essential) that need to be different was pretty much impossible to solve before messenger of the kings. It it still no that satisfying but it at least worth thinking of it as a deckbuilding puzzle. And that is why I offer you today: The result of this quick and not tested decks (I rather like play optimal but not thematic deck or to draft).

Hope you will enjoy them!


Sep 16, 2022 NERD 826

I would add more Campfire Tales, add Gather Information to every deck, add Prepare for Battle, remove Knight of the White Tower, add Legacy Blades, add Valiant Sacrifice, add Rod of the Steward, and add Send for Aid. Nice idea!

Sep 16, 2022 NERD 826

Tome of Atanatar and Strength of Arms should be auto-includes as well.

Sep 20, 2022 Ivolol 13

I love the idea, i hope to try it soon

Sep 20, 2022 Rouxxor 1774

Not every sphere have a egal number of interesting cards as you may see. The leadership is the most difficult deck in this matter. Valiant sacrifice and rod of the steward are really bad cards though so I will never consider them in a gondor leadership decks where I can rather pay 1 for a book to replay my a very good tale or my campfire tales for 1. Campfire tales that I would be happy to play in more than 1 copy but I really am struggling with so good cards that produce resources, bring cool allies. Probably that +2 campfire tales for -1 knight of the white tower (but I need a minimum of allies for a very good tales) and -1 man the walls is doable.

About the side quest there is one gather information in two decks, with a double back that make 3 side quests. The more side quests you play the most likely they will not be usable. There is no specific combo to assemble so I am confortable with those number of side quests I think.

Thanks for the advice!

Sep 20, 2022 Rouxxor 1774

Oh and yes legacy blades would probably be better than white tower watchmen!