Hobbits 2 Player Tactics and Lore


Pure Hobbits decks, just for fun really. Completed Core Set and The Oath. No problems really, but Escape from Guldur was tricky and close. Bilbo was amazing against the Nazgul


Jan 15, 2023 doomguard 1503

nice little hobbitfellowship.

for my taste, 16 allies are to few to use Raise the Shire (specially if you want to use it with Book of Eldacar up to 5 times)

i do not know i that stretches your sense o thematic to much, but 6 cheap eagles (3Vassal of the Windlord + 3 Wilyador + 3 The Eagles Are Coming! is great specially with Guided by Fate that you allready have for Tom Bombadillo!. in the books eagles rescued hobbits more than once.

Jan 16, 2023 anhartleyuk 1

Thanks for the comment. I agree that Raise the Shire is not so useful in this deck, but the decks are just about good enough, and I am keen to stick to the Theme.

Jan 16, 2023 doomguard 1503

then, to remain completely in theme, i suggest in the lore-deck, that draw much cards, the Red Book of Westmarch together, with either A Good Harvest or Song of Kings, if using the song then a few Hobbit Cloak (tom with cloak could defend for 5) could also fit.

wouls discard the 2 Rain of Arrows and Leather Boots for that