Two Hunters Armed


These decks complement each other very well. The only thing they do not really have is a designated defender. Both Aragorn and Beravor can do a decent job when supplemented with Protector of Lórien. But for the Hunt for Gollum a big defender is mostly unnecessary. A pumped Hunters of Mordor can be chumped.

The decks quest really well, and Thalin as usual deals with the Eastern Crows.

Put Steward of Gondor and Celebrían's Stone on Aragorn, and put the weapons on Legolas. Aragorn can then quest well and defend against smaller enemies that are engaged with the Legolas player through sentinel. Legolas can deal with most enemies unarmed, but it helps to be equipped with some blades or axes to more easily deal with Hunters.

You can afford to hold back A Test of Will for the most crucial treacheries. This deck can take some hits, despite having almost no healing.