Rohan Rides to War


This construction was built to see if I could get the Fastred-Dunhere combination working really, as I usually play solo and couldn't imagine a strong solo deck functioning around these two easily. I also wanted to try a real Rohan war deck with Theoden in all his might, including the attachments Snowmane and Herugrim from my recent Two Towers saga expansion purchase. Here it is then! It is a little taxing for me as I don't like playing two-handed at the best of times and there isn't really a dedicated questing and combat deck here, although once they're built up the King's Deck does most of the questing and the Knight's Deck most of the fighting, but both decks contribute in both areas. For instance, Hama quests quite often with Theoden's boost and the Fastred-Dunhere combination works well on combat too, alongside a fully-equipped Theoden. I have a history of ally-strong decks, but I wanted to have a balance between this and hero augmentation here. Unexpected Courage, Snowmane, Raven-winged Helm and Herugrim all make Theoden fearsome, with Westfold Horse-breeder and Open the Armory able to search for some of these key attachments. An opening hand for the King's Deck with some of these key attachments is great to see. For Fastred, Raiment of War and for Dunhere, Spear of the Mark are the attachments to get into play early. Fastred's attachment can be particularly vital if the Knight's Deck doesn't draw Winged Guardian, Guthlaf or Déorwine early to relieve some of Fastred's defensive duties. The King's Deck can really take some combat pressure off the Knight's Deck once Theoden can ready to kill an enemy engaged with you while Dunhere takes out another that Fastred shoved back into the staging area! You should have some spectacular rounds and I imagine this would be a lot of fun to play in a genuine two-player game. A Test of Will and Hasty Stroke could be vital cards as this can be a slightly slower build than some others, with resource acceleration lacking. Hold onto these key cards for when they are most needed, as the early game can be tough. Nonetheless, I was able to beat both Journey along the Anduin and Foundations of Stone with this construction. The latter was a lot of fun in particular. Astonishing Speed is of course a potent card and can be used for the final surge over the line in quests. The Knight's Deck has a simpler opening hand priority: Firefoot. Once Eomer has his steed, and if you can also attach a #War Axe to him, he will mow down enemies with his horse's trampling ability. Bringing out the defensive allies I mentioned earlier certainly helps the Knight's Deck, as does Quick Strike. If you strike a balance between playing allies and attachments, this will be a well-rounded construction that should be competitive in quests that demand questing and combat prowess. Most of all, it's a lot of fun to play, with both decks energetically engaged at all stages of the round.