Dúnedain Rangers

Urthli 241


This is a three player fellowship featuring thematic Dúnedain decks.

Isildur's Legacy centers around Aragorn story. It plays few yet powerful allies and quickly builds up tons of attachments on Aragorn.

The Path Less Trodden focusses heavily questing but also takes on a support role. It features a unique hero line up that allows you to quest for 8 while also being able to defend for 4 right from the start.

Might of Númenor forms the vanguard of the fellowship. It attempts to exploit the The Riddle-game as much as possible and can quickly swarm the field with powerful allies.

When crafting these three decks, I used a single cardpool in which every Adventure Pack or Expansion is only included once. So if one deck plays 3x Dúnedain Hunter, the other two decks won't be playing that card at all.