Might of Númenor

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Dúnedain Rangers
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Dúnedain & Gondor - TRG 7 3 0 2.0
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Urthli 241

Urthli has a newer deck inspired by this one: Dúnedain & Gondor - TRG


This deck is part of a three player fellowship featuring thematic Dúnedain decks.


When crafting these three decks, I used a single cardpool in which every Adventure Pack or Expansion is only included once. So if one deck plays 3x Dúnedain Hunter, the other two decks won't be playing that card at all.

Might of Númenor

This deck attempts to turn what is supposed to be the drawback of The Riddle-game into an advantage by relying on being engaged with an enemy at all times.


Mulligan Pillars of the Kings and a Dúnedain Hunter. From there the plan is the following.

During setup, select Halbarad to be the "Thief" and the Stone of Elostirion to be the "Birthday-present". After the Hungry Creature is put into play engaged with you, a couple things will happen.

  1. Amarthiúl gains a resource icon.
  2. Halbarad can now quest without exhausting.
  3. Mablung gains one resource.


Since Mablung's "once-per-phase" response triggers outside of a phase, it is counted towards the next phase. In this case, the first resource phase.

During the Resource phase you will draw 2 cards thanks to Stone of Elostirion. Then, during the first planning phase, immediately get your threat to 40 with Pillars of the Kings and draw 4 additional cards. You should now have 11 cards in hand, hopefully with a decent cost spread to start playing The Riddle-game.

Next, if you got lucky enough to draw into a Dúnedain Hunter, play it for free and hope you get to engage an enemy. This will Trigger Mablung a second time, giving you a total of 4 tactics resources. This should be enough to play just about any cards you like. Just keep the The Riddle-game in mind when doing so. Also, while you are engaged with at least 2 enemies, Amarthiúl will gain an additional resource during the resource phase.

Once you have Heir of Valandil in play, Your Dúnedain allies become a bit cheaper to play. This should allow you to swarm the field even more quickly with strong allies like Warden of Arnor or Fornost Bowman.

Your allies are your primary defenders. Give your Guardian of Arnor the Ancestral Armor and a Round Shield and drop the Raiment of War onto a Defender of Cair Andros or Fornost Bowman.

The Armored Destrier Warrior Sword and Captain of Gondor are for Amarthiúl. After he defends an attack, the Armored Destrier can ready him and let you discard a shadow card from another enemy engaged with you. In my experience, you want to discard a shadow card from a Subdued enemy if possible. This way you can let it attack safely undefended for 0 damage. You want to keep your Subdued enemies alive and engaged with you to gain all the benefits from Amarthiúl, Fornost Bowman or Guardian of Arnor. Additional coppies of Warrior Sword for Veteran of Osgiliath, Dúnedain Hunter or Fornost Bowman.

If you are ever at risk of reaching your threat elimination level, use Pillars of the Kings to reset it back to 40. There is plenty of draw power with an early Pillars of the Kings, Rod of the Steward, and Foe-hammer and Stone of Elostirion, so finding a second copy by the time you need it is usually not an issue.

Dragncard Replays

Single Player Mode

I recommend exchanging the Round Shield for Steward of Gondor to have even more resources more quickly swarm the field with powerful allies. Rod of the Steward is optional.

Single Player



Mar 22, 2024 Gutbomb 1

These Decks look fun. If I am playing two-handed, what would be the best 2 to combine? Thanks for your work.

Mar 22, 2024 Urthli 241

When playing 2 handed I like to play the solo adaptation of Might of Númenor with 1 or 2 Defender of Cair Andros exchanged for Vigilant Dúnadan combined with The Path Less Trodden.

Might of Númenor handles single-handedly pretty much all of the combat rather effortlessly while still contributing at 4 per round without exhausting any characters. The Path Less Trodden plays a supporting role, bringing some high , a means to cancel treacheries and providing an early search with Gather Information while also setting up the victory display for Vigilant Dúnadan. This early search allows you to get some key cards to your hand quickly, like Steward of Gondor, Heir of Valandil or Angbor the Fearless.

Mar 22, 2024 Urthli 241

You can also add Wild Stallion to The Path Less Trodden. It is an excellent ally to turn allies like Bree-land Protector into decent attackers

Mar 26, 2024 Urthli 241

@Gutbomb It took me some time but this is the Dúnedain Fellowship that I would play for 2-player games.