The Path Less Trodden

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Dúnedain Rangers
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Urthli 241

Urthli has a newer deck inspired by this one: Dúnedain & Noldor - support


This deck is part of a three player fellowship featuring thematic Dúnedain decks.


When crafting these three decks, I used a single cardpool in which every Adventure Pack or Expansion is only included once. So if one deck plays 3x Dúnedain Hunter, the other two decks won't be playing that card at all.

The Path Less Trodden

This Dúnedain deck attempts to play a unique hero lineup offering explosive quest potential right from the start while also taking up a support role with cards like Athelas, A Test of Will, Strider's Path, The Long Defeat or Gather Information.


With this deck you want to muligan for Gift of Foresight to setup Gilraen as your primary defender right from the start. Eventually, also Blood of Númenor and the Mithril Shirt will go on her.

During setup use Gilraen's ability to give both Idraen and Thurindir +2 . Then, select Gather Information with Thurindir and add it to your hand. After completing this sidequest, search out Thalion. The more sidequests you complete, the better he becomes. After completing all sidequests in your deck he is able to reach 9 .

Idraen is your primary attacker, give her 2x Legacy Blade to give her 9 after completing 3 sidequests.

At this point Thalion also becomes a hero. He will collect resources to pay for cards, and he gains +1 from Rally the West. If Scout Ahead is in your victory display he also gains a resource icon. You can give him the last remaining Legacy Blades to boost his . If have find another Blood of Númenor this is also not wasted on him.

The deck plays a lot of 0 cost cards which allows you to save up resources on Gilraen for Blood of Númenor or to pay for more expensive allies like the Northern Trackers and Thalion.

Dragncard Replays

Single Player

I recommend to play The Riddle-game and increase the total decksize to about 55 cards by including the cards in the sideboard and taking out Roving Herbmaster, Strider's Path. The Roving Herbmaster is mostly useful in three multiplayer since [Isildur's Legacy]() plays a fair bit of threat reduction. Eventhough Athelas is a very useful tool to have, it is one of the less important 1 cost cards in the deck. Because 1 encounter cards are less common for most scenarios, it is favourable to cut Athelas out to better your odds at beating the The Riddle-game.
These changes should improve the card cost ratio's in your deck in order to beat the The Riddle-game.
Select Thurindir be the "Thief" and Stone of Elostirion as the "Birthday-present". This should provide you with additional draw power and allow you to quest for a total of 10 from round one.

Single Player