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The Weather Hills - 2 Players - 2024-03-28
The Three Trials - 2 Players - 2024-03-28
Passage Through Mirkwood - 1 Player - 2024-03-23
Journey Along the Anduin - 2 Players - 2024-03-25
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2-player Dúnedain
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Urthli 235


This is a dedicated support deck with a heavy emphasis on questing and clearing locations featuring Gilraen with Gift of Foresight as the primary defender.

While this deck has limited solo potential due to a lack of combat prowess, it is excellent for multiplayer scenarios when paired with a combat oriented deck.


In your opening hand you want to see Gift of Foresight and Elven-light.

During setup use Gilraen's ability to give both Aragorn and Thurindir +2 , giving you the option to quest for 8 right from the start.

Next, give Aragorn the title Estel granting him the Noldor trait and allowing you to use Elrond's Counsel right away. It also gives you a way to dump Elven-light to your discard pile and scry the top 3 cards of your deck for any card.

Still during setup, grab Gather Information from your deck with Thurindir. The goal is to complete this side quest during the first round so that each player can search their deck for any card they need. There are several valuable targets in this deck, depending on the situation.

  • Thalion is a strong ally that can contribute to both questing and combat in the same round.
  • Thorongil to grant Aragorn any of his alternate hero card texts.
  • Helm of Secrecy should you need the additional 3 that Arwen Undómiel brings to the table as well as better access to resources. Alternatively, you can go for Éowyn to go for a big damage push
  • Mithril Shirt to further establish Gilraen as a defender.
  • The Renewer to grant Aragorn a resource icon and the ability to ready and heal allies.

During the first planning phase, start off by playing Gather Information. Next toss Elven-light into your discard pile with Estel to scry the top 3 cards of your deck for any card to replace it with. Then, give Gilraen the Gift of Foresight to set her up as your main defender with a respectable 4 . Her action comes in handy when planning the combat phase and can let you draw an additional card.

The Bree-land Protector is a good ally to get into play quickly. This 2 cost ally comes with 2 and provides a way to cancel shadow cards. When paired with Gilraen's action, allowing you to inspect a shadow card before any enemy attacks, you can plan a head on which ally or hero will defend the attack to ensure the Bree-land Protector can stay in play for the next round.

The Imladris Caregiver is your best source of healing and with Elven-light you should never run out of discard fodder.

As the game goes on, you will be slowly building up towards a stronger board with powerful allies like Gildor Inglorion Glorfindel or the Northern Tracker, equipped with a Wild Stallion.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The deck excells at questing and clearing locations with access to cards like Northern Tracker and Steed of Imladris. Additionally, it provides the group with heals and can take care of shadow cards, treacheries and condition attachments.

It also has a decent card draw engine with the combination of Estel, Elven-light, being able to net you 4 cards per round at the cost of 2 resources. That being said, resource management is rather tight. In the later stages of the game this can be solved with Arwen Undómiel.

The problem for the deck is heavy combat. It is best to pair this deck with a more combat oriented deck that can handle most of the fighting.


Aside from Estel, and targets for both Thorongil and Helm of Secrecy, the sideboard contains a couple cards that could come in handy for some scenarios.

Woodmen's Path is an excellent card to break through some location locks that can be included for certain scenarios. Ride Them Down is a great tool to take down a menacing enemy in the staging area should you need to.

Dragncard Replays

To view a replay, make sure you are logged in on dragncards. Then click on "View Replay". This will open a new room with the final board state of the scenario. Hold down ctrl and tap the left arrow key to rewind back to round 1. Then use the right arrow key to go through the game one step at a time.

Round 1

The typical round 1 play revolves mostly around setting up Gilraen as your defender and completing Gather Information.

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Solo Replays

Passage Through Mirkwood

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players 1
rounds 5
score 121

Multiplayer Replays

Journey Along the Anduin

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players 2
rounds 4
score 110
The Weather Hills

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players 2
rounds 7
score 129
The Three Trials

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rounds 10
score 159