Spirit of the Wolf



This is a 4-decks serie that follows 3 rules :

  • Rule n°1 : only and cards are used to make the 4 decks.
  • Rule n°2 : no more than 3 copies of a card for THE ENTIRE 4-DECKS SERIE. So no 4 x 3 A Test of Will, even if it's sexy on paper.
  • Rule n°3 : I'm a casual player and i don't play with errata, i don't care, i play for fun !

A great thanks to The Purple Wizard for his Green Anaconda decks that inspired me !

A man might befriend a wolf, even break a wolf, but no man could truly tame a wolf.

Here are the decks reunited into a Fellowship, just because i didn't know that this functionality exists... lol.

Every deck has a particular function : Deck 1 is for protection, Deck 2 for attack, Deck 3 for questing and Deck 4 for support. Everyone interacts very well with each other : You can use Galadriel on anyone else to help build his/her hand, Éowyn helps to discard duplicates, Arwen Undómiel can give a ressource to anyone (there is one Noldor Hero in every deck) etc...

There is a mistake in Deck 3 : - 1 Magic Ring, + 1 The Arkenstone (or else it breaks the rule of "no more than 3 copies of a card for the entire 4-decks serie".

Enjoy !!!


Mar 30, 2019 Goggen 106

I'd consider swapping Frodo and Legolas. With such a great defensive ability ,but no sentinel trait, Frodo fit's perfectly along Glorfindel and Idraen. With his ranged ability Legolas can go anywhere.

And when you think about it thematically a ranged attacker is a form of protection for the other players, and claws and fangs help a wolf protect itself as well as lay down pray, so I'd say a defender among them. Attack and defend are two sides of the same coin really.