Silvans visit City of Ulfast

Denison 524


Here was my solution to defeating City of Ulfast with a two-deck fellowship.

Threat management is the key to winning this quest so these decks rely on several cards to handle that challenge.

The first round can be tricky. Pushing through the first stage too quickly, especially in the first round, is typically a recipe for disaster. So instead of over or under questing, the strategy here is to use Thurindir to put Double Back into play and quest with enough to clear it. Dropping threat to 21 and 23 respectively puts this fellowship in a good position.

The Silvan deck wants to add as many allies to board as possible and use Host of Galadhrim to punch through 4B and to flatten the City Guard in the final round. By the end of my most recent game the Silvan deck finished with 10 allies on the board and only chump blocked twice the whole game. Thranduil with Cloak of Lórien and The Elvenking does most of the defending.

The Reinforcements deck wants to keep adding a questing ally each round while also dropping in Gandalf and Descendant of Thorondor with Sneak Attack and Reinforcements. Starting with Steward of Gondor is pretty important to having the necessary resources to make all that happen, but 5 resources a round does make it work and allows for Gildor to keep drawing for those events.

My first use of sneak attack Gandalf was actually to draw more cards. From there I used him intermittently for damage on enemies in staging and threat management as needed. Once I just hard casted him to help get rid of a King's Elite. In total, Gandalf made four appearances.

The key card in my win was actually We've Been Seen, an encounter card that added 9 and 11 threat respectively in the final round, that allowed both decks to engage the City Guard at 43 and 44 threat, and subsequently to smash them with a Host of Galadhrim fortified set of Silvans.

It was my most thrilling win in this game ever. After losing the last dozen attempts with a variety of decks, I am still relishing this one.