Early Hobbits


These are a pair of Hobbit themed decks I made using cards from the first 2 full cycles, HoN, EaAD, TMV and the first 4 saga boxes. After using them for a few different scenarios I decided I didn't really like the decks, they feel very weak and rely on lucky draws from the encounter deck to win.

After using these decks I have now used every hero I currently to beat a scenario, except Spirit Pippin!

I think these decks could be improved with some more cards, and I would probably pick some different Hobbit heroes, as I didn't feel Fatty Bolger was very useful and Bilbo Baggins could probably be replaced with a lower threat hero and more card draw.


  • The Hunt for Gollum 1/2 (The loss was due to Old Wives' Tales in setup and then another round 1 into 2 Hunters with 2 Signs, I won by avoiding almost all the Hunters through luck)
  • Passage through Mirkwood 2/2 (I had "Don't Leave the Path" both times, but Merry and Bilbo were sufficiently equipped to deal with Ungoliant's Spawn)
  • Journey along the Anduin 2/2 (These decks were quite good at building up strength before engaging the Hill Troll, and the others enemies were not too much trouble)
  • Into the Pit 1/2 (I had Crumbling Ruin in setup and lost 2 heroes, then had another round 1 and lost Bilbo. I decided to call that a loss. The win was close, relying on Faramir at the end to help quest enough to clear the final stage in 2 rounds. I did also have my first successful use of A Watchful Peace and Small Target in this quest, using a Goblin Swordsman to kill off another Swordsman)
  • Road to Rivendell 1/2 (Loss: Sleeping Sentry. I won with great luck, only defending 3 times in the whole scenario and rushing through stages as quickly as possbile)
  • Encounter at Amon Din 1/2 (I lost my first attempt by revealing too many locations and failing to make progress. I failed to quest and handle the enemies and it spiralled out of control. The 2nd game was the opposite story with very few locations slowing me down)
  • A Shadow of the Past 1/2 (I used Dúnhere instead of Frodo Baggins for my first attempt and it went terribly so I swapped to Éowyn. I did have a lucky Hide test success with just Merry exhausting, but held on long enough for Bilbo and Merry to deal with the Black Riders. I think Glorfindel probably would have been better than Éowyn but I wanted to avoid using him)

Any feedback would be great!


May 01, 2020 bobbymcbobface 65


Actually, this looks like a great fellowship for the boxes you have. The Mountain of Fire and the Thing in the Depths provide some more great hobbit support.

May 01, 2020 Adaepholn 44

That's another one to go along with Spirit Pippin in the list of cards I've never used!

Thanks, I like the look of Tom Cotton - I think he could work well with Merry + the good Pippin for a great combat focused hobbit deck.