You quest, I do the fighting


Usually when me and my friend play together we create decks that can handle some of the questing and some of the fighting on their own. But for the whole Angmar Awakened cycle we decided to split our responsibilities completely and created two highly specialized decks.

  • The sole purpose of my Beorn / Beregond / Legolas deck is to handle all the fighting, with no contribution to standard willpower questing whatsoever. There's a lot of ranged/sentinel characters, readying effects for defenders and effects that help you make sure that your friend doesn't receive any combat damage at all. Mulligan for Gondorian Shield, hopefully you'll also draw one or two readying effects. Beregond should be your primary defender, use Beorn as an emergency backup (Honour Guard is his best friend). And don't forget - you can also play your extra bows/blades on your silvan allies!

  • My friend's Lanwyn / Damrod / Haldan deck takes care of the questing and location control. It also provides some healing and trap support, just to make combat even easier for me. It has some fighting capabilities as well, but its primary goal is to handle everything that happens before the combat phase and help us avoid location lock.

Neither of those decks is perfect and both can be modified for even higher efficiency, but we've had a lot of fun playing them recently, they really do their job well enough!