Progression Fellowship - Starting with the Core


This fellowship is meant for me (a newbie) to tackle the game in a progression style. I've defined this as going through the cycles in order of release date, plus only using cards available through the entire cycle. In addition, I plan to use the hero introduced in each AP.

My goals for each deck:

Leadership and Tactics: This deck's main purpose is to bring out as many allies and possible and dish out damage. When possible, I try to optionally engage every time so avoid enemies on the other deck. I typically put Steward of Gondor on either Aragorn or Eowyn, but it really depends on what my starting hand is.

Lore and Spirit: This deck is meant to support the Leadership + Tactics deck. I've added some allies for draw power and most events are meant to mitigate the encounter deck. It's fairly weak at the beginning, and I relay on Tactics+Leadership deck to engage enemies as much as possible so that Denethor and Eleanor can use their abilities often. I usually apply Unexpected Courage on Eleanor so she can defend + draw, but depending on the situation, I may use it on another hero (Legolas particularly so he can attack twice).

So far, I am 1/1 Passage Through Mirkwood and Journey Along the Anduin 1/1, and Escape from Dol Guldur 0/1 (needed 1 more turn to win, but unfortunately I hit 50 threat!).

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

Update: I have changed the fellowship (particularly, fixed a mistake where I selected Eleanor instead of Beravor). I also implemented some changes due to feedback from awesome community members.


May 24, 2020 Adaepholn 69

Hi, they look like nice decks!

My suggestions for changes would be to swap a Daughter for a Northern Tracker, and also to possibly swap 1-2 copies of Lore of Imladris for either Radagast's Cunning or Secret Paths. I guess you normally put Steward on Denethor to pay for the expensive Lore cards.

For the other deck I would consider putting in 1-2 copies of Quick Strike instead of Blade Mastery. Quick Strike could work well with Legolas against weak enemies, but can also combine with the Spearmen or Swift Strike finish off tougher foes before they get a potential 2nd attack. I also assume you usually put Horn of Gondor on Legolas for more Tactics resources. Also Beorn can be great with Sneak Attack, so perhaps consider replacing the Horseback Archer with him.

May 24, 2020 RadiantTurtle 11

Thanks @Adaepholn! Will definitely consider those changes. I rarely got to use Daughter, so that will probably go first. Secret Paths looks interesting! Beorn looks interesting too! I could also try to use him with Stand and Fight.