Rohan Two Player Synergy

kobeljic 136


This is a quite powerful combination of Rohan decks powered by the cards from the latest cycle (Vengeance of Mordor). Rohan trait was present from the core set, but it always lacked a couple of things to really make it work. With new cards like Horn of the Mark and Lothíriel, Rohan decks can finally shine. This particular combination was tested on scenarios from Haradrim cycle, where it beat all the scenarios without big issues.

Combos are described in individual decks, so here are some notes around the synergy:


May 30, 2020 Alonewolf87 511

Cool decks, good job.

If you want you might consider adding some Song to get multiple boosts out of Elfhelm ability on the same character, sprinkled with some Burst into Song

May 30, 2020 kobeljic 136

Thank you!

May 31, 2020 Scarkrow56 2

This is cool. I'm new to the game but i've made it my goal to master Rohan. I'll have to give this build a try once I have all the xards for it.