On a Wing and a Prayer


Let's take a crack at this deckbuilding thing, shall we?

This Fellowship is a pair of decks often used by my fiancee and I, utilizing our relatively meager card pool (Mirkwood cycle, Khazad-dum and the first 4 LotR Saga boxes). As a Rohan fangirl, an Eagle-centric combat deck pairs nicely with all the questing going on in her deck. Action advantage is another key aspect, as Boromir and Imrahil both have built in readying, Brand can lend a hand across the table, and multiple allies and attachments offer aid in that department as well. Card draw is another strength, to the point where it might actually be overkill, between Beravor, Gleowine and all the attachments and events. We haven't stress-tested these decks through a full gauntlet yet, and given our limited number of available quests, they most assuredly won't stand up to everything. But they're fun to play and seem to compliment each other well.

Questions, comments and suggestions welcome!


Sep 28, 2020 AutumnRose 24

Looks fun! How much mileage are you getting out of Brand's ability? I must admit I've never put him on the table because his ability always seemed really inflexible and situational.

Sep 28, 2020 jvader 5

Good job. i you have/get on the doorstep adding Bard the Bowman, Great Yew Bow, and Black Arrow might be a good idea.

Sep 28, 2020 nelloianiro 114

I agree with @jvader. I never liked Brand anyways.

Sep 29, 2020 MrObsolete 18

@AutumnRoseThanks! It's true, Brand's ability is a bit finicky, and there are some games where it never comes into play at all. The other likely competitor for his spot--Legolas--has a much more reliable ability, which of course can be quite useful in its own right. I like Brand for three primary reasons.

1) The extra point of willpower comes in handy when there's nothing to kill, or in quests that involve tests (Escape tests in the Dead Marshes, Hide tests in the Black Riders, etc.).

2) His ability fits the thematic through line of readying that is present across the Fellowship, and is quite clutch (and satisfying) when it does work.

3) I love an underdog (Fatty Bolger is one of my favorite heroes, which I think speaks for itself :D).

@jvaderThanks for the suggestion! He seems like he'd be a perfect fit. We're not exactly sure where we'll be going with our next set of cards (maybe finish off the Saga boxes, maybe continue with progression into the Dwarrowdelf cycle), but I'll slot him in as soon as I get my hands on him.