The Favor of the Lady

Attachment. Cost: 2.


Attach to a hero.

Attached hero gains +1 .

"You are indeed high in the favor of the Lady!"
Unnamed Elf of Lórien,
The Fellowship of the Ring
Magali Villeneuve

Core Set #55. Spirit.

The Favor of the Lady

Favor of the lady is simply over-costed. 2 for 1 is just not enough. There are plenty of other options in spirit for willpower, including a slew of cost appropriate allies. Who cares if Magali V-whatever did the art.

You guys all forget that this card is not restricted, so you can bump up to 3 extra willpowers to a single hero

Fabio 4
True, but two Silver Circlets can boost four willpower for 2/3 the cost and cards. If you are using favor of the lady in addition to circlets, you would be better off buying ally Faramir with questing allies. — NERD 808
The elephant in the room here is that in multiplayer, one of your "teammates" can use ally Elrond to discard your Favor of the Lady, as it is a Condition. Danger, Will Robinson, danger! — kjeld 615
Silver Circlet is limit 1 per hero (in addition to restricted), so if you want to dump as much willpower on a single hero as possible, Favor of the Lady is definitely a good option for that (in addition to Circlet and other cards). — MDivisor 2

Archetype of willpower addition which is over-costed to much for what it does. Already in core set the Celebrían's Stone made this card unnecessary for me, since I usually need to boost only one hero for questing and Celebrían's Stone is logical choice. And then Dúnedain Quest came and finished this one. It's nearly the same, but you can at least move it from hero to hero. I use favor basically only in special cases, where I don't run or when there is no other way how to boost a hero. However the artwork is beautiful. Verdict: 2/5.

matrosh 530

I've already mentioned that this card is overcosted in my review of Celebrían's Stone. Even when there was just the core set and power creep hadn't really begun to set in, this card felt underwhelming.

Firstly, in comparison to the stone it provides 1 less for the same cost. Given that the stone belongs to the sphere that can generate an additional 2 resources per turn, either that card is way too cheap or FotL is too expensive. Not too long after that, we received Dúnedain Quest, which is the same cost as FotL but offers added depth by being able to be moved around, which is particularly useful in multiplayer. Out of these three boosters, I think DQ is the best designed as you don't mind paying for it when you have access to the sphere but it doesn't feel overpowered. Fast forward to today and we now have Silver Circlet, which all but renders FotL obsolete. Its one saving grace is that it is not restricted, whereas the circlet is but I feel you'd be much better off using the two spirit resources to purchase an ally with 1 such as Wandering Took as at least it gives you more versatility as an attacker or defender/chump blocker. Therefore, I can only see FotL featuring in decks where you are trying to maximise a hero's for a specific purpose and they don't have any more room for restricted attachments (e.g. a pure spirit deck using Éowyn with Herugrim and Snowmane). Beyond that, I can see this card being useful as a coaster.

I feel that this card could be improved by either a) lowering the cost of it to 1, or b) changing the card text to read 'attach to a character' instead of just a hero. Either of these amendments would improve the card greatly and increase the chances of it seeing the light of day again (if it ever has done).

Aurion 868
I love this card in decks that use Herugrim/Golden Shield. It turns it into 2 cost for 2 stats, which is a pretty nice deal. — Truck 1409
New player here - I'm curious if there would ever be an advantage to this over an ally with 1 will power? — yupyupyup 1
Yes, in certain situations it is helpful to boost a hero's willpower. For example, a hero wielding Herugrim or Golden Shield. Or, to give another example, for some scenarios like Mount Doom where heroes have to pass tests based on willpower. — kjeld 615
Ah ok, that's helpful. Thanks! — yupyupyup 1
coiuld be also useful for hide-teste — doomguard 1963