Lórien's Wealth

Event. Cost: 3.

Action: Choose a player. That player draws 3 cards.

"That is the fairest of all the dwellings of my people. There are no trees like the tress of that land."
Legolas, The Fellowship of the Ring
Magali Villeneuve

Core Set #64. Lore.

Lórien's Wealth

It is pretty expensive, we all agree. However, its reward makes it worth it to find a way to make it work... and I've found that way in my hobbit decks.

Once you've been able to attach Good Meal to your lore hero, you will receive 3 cards for only 1 cost! And that looks like a good deal to me. :) The hard part would be the timing to draw both cards and the slots you need to include them in your deck, but I don't see any of those as inevitable obstacles.

While hobbit decks already have some great staples for card draw, the Good Meal + Lórien's Wealth combo seems to be (imho) a worthy contender anyway.

PablOvi 446
If you are using Good Meal to make Lorien's Wealth more playable you basically end up paying 1 cost for 2 cards not 3 (since you have already invested another card to make the event work better) and you are forced to have an Hobbit hero. Frankly speaking you might be better off with either Daeron's Runes, Drinking Song, Old Toby or Frodo's Intuition depending on the deck and quest. — Alonewolf87 2258
I have Galadhrim's Greeting, Tom Bombadillo, and this card in.my deck. I use Good Meal for any of them :) Anywsy, I get your point. Thanks for your feedback. Really appreciate it :-) — PablOvi 446

Lórien's Wealth is not really a good card, maybe if it would be in different sphere it would be ok, but in Lore it simply cost too much for what it can do, plus there are so much more better options in sphere. If I start with heroes, you got Beravor or Bilbo Baggins, then in allies you have Gléowine and if we take look on other spheres, even here you can find better choices as Valiant Sacrifice or Ancient Mathom for example and the list continues. Maybe it's really effective with Vilya but that is very specific condition and deck, which makes this card useful. But the artwork is really nice. Verdict: 2/5.

matrosh 538

Lorien's wealth is pretty expensive, but three cards is undeniably good. I'm never happy when I have to play it because I usually don't have anymore resources to play the cards I draw. But in a Vilya deck, it's like Christmas.

In a cooperative game is a strong card!! You can give 3 card to a player that needed it! Maximize the power of this card in you are the first player.. in solo bad choise — serpico 264