Tree People and Tree-people

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Esh 21

A mish-mash of several ideas that I wanted to explore.

  1. Rossiel and victory display.
  2. Legolas as a progress-generating machine.
  3. Ents!

The idea is to have Rossiel as defender with Cloak of Lórien, Elven Mail and A Burning Brand. Legolas gets armed with two Blade of Gondolin and mounts Arod, potentially letting him contribute 5 progress with each kill. Galdor of the Havens isn't a perfect fit, but I wanted a Lore hero that could help a bit with questing, while also having at least 4 health to soak up archery damage (plus he's an elf, so that's nice too from a thematic POV).

Getting attachments out is important, so Master of the Forge can help with that. I also included a few Defender of Rammas to help with defense in the early game if Rossiel can't get her victory display stuff going, since the ents are notoriously lazy.

Can be paired with my Quest Force Alpha deck, which provides more willpower as well as a Light of Valinor for Rossiel.