Mettle of the Strong

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WingfootRanger 2261

WingfootRanger has a newer deck inspired by this one: Mettle of the Strong

You can find the latest version of this deck here:

This is my second version of the deck, which I built to be a good partner with my Rossiel deck as well as for solo play. It certainly works, it defeated nightmare Celebrimbor's Secret solidly. It has been an enjoyable, sound deck so far.

and decks have great raw power, but have a tendency to suffer from not having the levels of card draw that has. Enter Círdan the Shipwright, who quests for 4 and gives us consistent card draw and with Light of Valinor can attack or use his ring Narya! He sure provides a lot. Our main defender is Beregond, who will have his defense boosted by Gondorian Shield and Arwen Undómiel and usually puts a solid stop to the risk of threating out. Beorn tears apart the enemies and is a meat shield when needed.

For Allies, we have several from both spheres that don't cost too much. They should enter play relatively easily, contributing their 2 or to our totals. Rhovanion Outrider can be an attacker as well as a quester, which is pretty nice. With more than two players, Northern Tracker may be better. There are also events here that are known for saving players' bacon. A Test of Will, Feint, Hasty Stroke, and Revealed in Wrath are all there to help us avoid the encounter deck's nasty tricks. There are other such options in the sideboard depending an what scenario you are facing. Strength of Will is generally good to give Cirdan something to do after questing, but it can be easily swapped for other options in the sideboard such as Thrór's Key or Sterner than Steel. Keen as Lances is used for when the Rossiel deck is across the table.

There you have it! I will certainly try this one for a while in solo. It has all the stuff I wanted in a Spirit and Tactics deck. Mára mesta.


Feb 07, 2017 WanderingTook 1078

This deck has been featured in a CotR spotlight article:

Feb 08, 2017 Qwaz 366

Nice deck! Good include of the Honour Guards in the sideboard, think i'd definitely trade them in for the Westfold Outriders in Solo, possibly multi if no healing was around :)

Feb 09, 2017 WingfootRanger 2261

Thank you so much, both of you. I'm pleasantly surprised someone finally saw this deck. I think I nearly forgot about it. Now I'm feeling like picking it up again!

@Qwaz Honour Guard goes well with this deck, but especially for quests that are real damage tossers. If you want their valor trigger, you may even forgo Beregond's threat reduction so you can hit 40.