Ranger Bow Target Practice

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teamjimby 512

This deck is all about making the Ranger Bow work. The deck revolves around the following concepts:

  • Low threat to prevent enemies from engaging.
  • Secrecy allows for 6x 1-cost rangers (Ithilien Lookout and the new Guardian of Ithilien) so you can have a functioning Ranger Bow on turn 1.
  • A lot of deck scrying (Henamarth Riversong, Risk Some Light, Scout Ahead, the secrecy allies) to make sure you know what is coming. If you see a high HP enemy, give them a Poisoned Stakes so your Rangers don't get worn out. If you see a low engagement enemy, Ranger Spikes will keep them in the staging area.
  • Card draw, primarily Master of the Forge, to find those precious Ranger Bows.
  • Decent willpower (7 from the heroes, plus some cheap 2 WP allies) so you can quest while leaving some enemies in the staging area.

You could run this with some alternate heroes. Denethor gives you more scrying and some defense and Damrod gives you more trap synergy. Either of them give you higher starting threat, though, so it's a trade off. If you go for the trap heavy approach, Anborn would be a good add.

If all goes to plan, the enemies will never make an attack against you all game. For quests with some low engagement enemies, O Elbereth! Gilthonial! can be pretty effective to make them disappear.

This skeleton is pretty flexible, so feel free to run with it and let me know what works for you!


Jan 02, 2017 Seastan 12603

I especially like the use of scrying/traps to deal with certain enemies.

I've found Argalad to be pretty great in the ranger Bow archetype as well.