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mekane 26

My first version of this deck was an attempt to copy Seastan's Boromir deck, attempting to use Éowyn as a replacement for Galadriel. It did okay, but not great. It struggled somewhat to get going and seemed to have a lot of dead weight, being so heavy. My reason for building the deck this way was that I'm still working through the Against the Shadow cycle so I don't have many of the later cards in Seastan's deck.

I really missed a lot of good card draw so I decided to replace Eowyn with a hero. I debated between Bilbo Baggins and Beravor. I only wish Bilbo weren't unbalanced with too much threat cost, otherwise I would have used him. As it was I couldn't turn deny Beravor's stats so I took her and balanced out the deck with some Lore cards. It makes Asfaloth a lot easier to play, and adds Daeron's Runes for immediate card acceleration. Gléowine adds more card draw, Unexpected Courage goes on Beravor for even more. This is meant to be a single player solo deck, so Henamarth Riversong makes life much easier, and Master of the Forge makes digging for all the critical attachments that much easier. And there's still thirty-something threat reduction available, not including re-using some with Dwarven Tomb.


Jan 05, 2017 The White Wizard 306

If you have him, I would recommend Erestor instead of Beravor. Nice deck.

Jan 05, 2017 mekane 26

I don't have him yet but I'm working my way through all the expansions. I look forward to trying him out, thanks for the suggestion!