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toxiczammy 129

I am thinking of trying this deck out this Friday and would appreciate any feedback on it before then. I think it's obvious where all the attachments go. I would mull for Resourceful and the first one would probably go on Gimli because this deck leans slightly more towards leadership. If I was able get two in a starting hand, that would be a miracle. Resourceful is what allows this deck to work. Without it, I get the feeling this deck would be sluggish.

Also, would it be smarter to take Well Warned instead of Elrond's Counsel? Are there other allies you would suggest instead of the ones I have in the deck?

Other thoughts or opinions?


Jan 09, 2017 The White Wizard 306

I would say to keep Elrond's Counsel simply because the deck starts in Secrecy, meaning that you probably aren't going to be engaging a bunch of enemies right away. Well Warned is great for the late game though. If you want Counsel to work even faster, I would say to add another copy of Arwen.

Jan 10, 2017 toxiczammy 129

@D4rkWolf10 I thought about Strider but I'd rather have Legolas ready him and give him the extra willpower. Why bother taking Elven-light if I take Strider?

I also considered Light of Valinor, again, I'd rather Gimli ready Legolas through his effect.

I do like and appreciate your other suggestions.

Jan 10, 2017 D4rkWolf10 313

Oh I'm with you, forgot about Legolas's ability lol was just looking at the text on Gimli when I suggested Strider. Looks like a fun deck, I haven't found a secrecy deck that makes me happy yet despite there being multiple successful ones so I hope this one works out for you. I think it's pretty innovative.

Nov 01, 2017 Flrbb 35

How did this deck work out?

I'd take Well Warned, because to play Elrond's Counsel you have to have a Noldor character on the table. Which can take ages, when none of your heroes has that trait. When still close to secrecy you want to have the possiblity to go back to secrecy, because of Resourceful. A deck with Gimli & Legolas wants to engage enemies (because then your discarded card is not wasted, especially if its not an Elven-light), that is why Well Warned fits better.

Probably I'd still take Strider with me, just because this is a two hero deck. Anyhow, I'd mulligan for Resourceful...

Nov 02, 2017 toxiczammy 129

@Flrbb I don't think this deck went anywhere for me, it was fun the first couple times I played it, but it relied too much on getting specific cards in the opening hand. It was more of a multiplayer deck anyhow and the Timely Aid fixed the problem of getting a noldor ally into play quickly. Really what you wanted to see was x2 Resourceful's, a Timely Aid and an Elrond's Counsel in your hand turn 1.

I could see arguments for Strider. Looking back at this deck after 10 months I would definitely edit out some cards for Stand and Fight. I would probably take out the Knight of the White Tower and the Greenwood Archer. Adding in more low cost noldor would be a positive step. Lastly, Gandalf with a Sneak Attack turn one or two was not be bad to stay in secrecy.