Honor Runs Red

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WingfootRanger 1139

The Race Across Harad pack delivered a great, tense quest as well as some cards that provide new possibilities for deck building. Up seeing Steward of Orthanc I felt I had the pieces I needed to pull together a reasonable mono-Tactics deck. I had fun doing so, and got to experience some older cards I hadn't used before, such as Théoden and Curious Brandybuck. All in all, the deck is reflective of the strengths and weaknesses of mono-Tactics, great at handling enemies but not as great at handling treacheries and location lock. Since I brewed this all by myself, let me explain how it works.

The preferred cards of the Opening draw will depend on the quest. If it is heavy with enemies, Gondorian Shield, Raven-winged Helm (both for Beregond), Feint, Sterner than Steel, and any of our attack-based allies are great cards to see in hand. If the quest doesn't emphasize enemies that much, then it is best to look for Grappling Hook, Steward of Orthanc, or any other ally with willpower. Wait no Longer can also be worth sideboarding in if combat won't be too strenuous. Even Trained for War can shine when you have more attack than willpower.

When playing this deck, I am usually engaging every enemy that comes out of the encounter deck. Éowyn quests, Beregond defends, enemies are finished off by high attack allies, and Théoden attacks or quests. Éowyn's massive one off attack is a useful trump card to have, but don't forget that Grappling Hook can be used on her for a net gain of 5 to the quest. Hold Your Ground! can ready either Beregond or Theoden, both actually once 40 threat is reached for valour. Also, the Steward of Orthanc is a great ally for getting off sphere benefits, providing card draw and willpower in a neat package that helps the deck ramp up a bit.

This deck is great for you if you like combat, because scenarios with many enemies tend to be a fine match for this deck. With victories against The Fords of Isen, The Antlered Crown, and Intruders in Chetwood, I can be sure of that fact. With no real way to escape from treacheries that pop up, the deck feels a little exposed at times, but I'm okay with that. It's mono-Tactics, it's not meant to be safe and prim, it's an aggressive battle for victory at all times.