Silvan Fellowship - Ranged/Healing

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Silvan Fellowship
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To be used in conjunction with this deck:

This deck is going to do a lot of the combat for the fellowship. Try to get all the defensive attachments on Elrond. Key is Elven Mail to give him sentinel. You can also put both Mail and Cloak of Lórien on Defender of the Naith to make him a solid defender. Most of the attackers have ranged as well to protect the other hand which is somewhat light on defenders.

Master of the Forge is here to help you get attachments to your hand.

Look for Vilya early, as it will allow you to play A Test of Will and Elrond's Counsel and get cards out for free. Don't be afraid to throw Cloak, Mail, Lembas, or Protector of Lórien across the table if need be.

Hopefully your partner will toss an Unexpected Courage on Beravor/Elrond for card draw/Vilya. Greenwood Archer is also here for both of those heroes.

If you want to go full Silvan, Galadhrim Healer is in the sideboard; I just this Warden of Healing works better. Can also add Galadhon Archer for some direct damage.