Solo combo deck +90% win rate, usually on turn one

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Rouxxor 701

Here is my actual (after hundred hours of testing) version of a new combo deck. My purpose: be able win almost every adventures of the game, most of them on turn one. It works very well.

You can find an explanation of how it work on Beorn blog here: . He helps me to traduce my poor english. Thanks a lot to him. I also have a french version available here:

Thanks for reading me :).


Jul 05, 2017 Seastan 12439

I've been expecting some sort of errata regarding Second Breakfast for a while now. In the past, I've used it in a 2-player fellowship (like to get ~100% win rate against every nightmare quest in the game. Now that we have Justice Shall Be Done, I see that the combo can now fit in a single deck. Very cool! I like your sideboard where you have considered alternate win conditions. For long quests like Helms Deep you can just use Out of the WIld of course.

The solo combo looks like it would still have some difficulties against Dol Guldur. I think the 2-player version of this could get pretty close to 100%.

Jul 05, 2017 Rouxxor 701

Like I say yesterday on Beorn having this in solo was a really difficult things. I find the combo possibility more than a year ago and work on it since.

About Dol Guldur it seem to me that you still have very few chances since you can only play one allies per turn. Wait until turn 6 is not an option, especially since we talk about nightmare Dol Guldur, the most difficult adventure in the game no matter what you play. Back in time I defeat with something like 20% Dol Guldur on turn 2 with love of tales at full power.

Jul 05, 2017 Seastan 12439

The card that is needed for Dol Guldur (and is also useful for other long quests) is Doom Hangs Still. You can use this to avoid questing for 6+ rounds until the combo is set up quite easily. With Steward of Gondor and Love of Tales it is not hard to afford each turn. And using Aragorn together with Song of Eärendil can keep one player in valour for a long time.

About this deck - I am curious, did you try experimenting with Bombur hero and Bifur ally? Bifur seems like he would be a great ally for the deck, and Bombur would be faster to activate the Glóin/Bifur abilities, at the cost of only 1 threat.

Jul 05, 2017 Rouxxor 701

I follow our Dol Guldur discussion with your decks on... your decks :). It would be easier to follow.

Yes I alway play Bombur instead of Bifur in a mono Lore deck. In this deck Bifur is really usefull since we have too many resources on Denethor so we are happy to extract one with Bifur ability. I enjoy it almost every game. Bombur's ability would be use only one each twenty game since that mean we don't have enought 1-cost dwarf but Gloin in hand. Bifur ally is not good enough to make that change. The moment we pay ally at more than 1 resource we usually have drawn a lot so deck is empty soon. It seem strange but it is because we need to draw more than a half of the deck before getting enough resource to be able to rely on dwarf/we are not idle/lure mechanic. Bifur would still probably be better than 1 Ered Nimrais Prospector but it is not even that obvious.

Jul 06, 2017 Seastan 12439

It seems like this deck can beat quests that take many rounds (like Helm's Deep) just by removing all the cards from the encounter deck with Out of the Wild and then questing for 100 every turn with Durin's Song. But this would mean you can't play Justice Shall Be Done. Can you still achieve this combo 90% of the time without it?

Jul 07, 2017 Rouxxor 701

All this is explained in the article. Real win percentage are: 100% on the 21 games were I can win on turn one; 75% when I side for long-term adventures (-1 justice shall be bone -3 heed the dream -1 ravens of the mountain +2 legacy of durin +1 gaining strenght +1 needful to know +1 out of the wild/risk some light)

Escape from Dol Guldur is probably the only one adventure impossible to my deck. There is some other that might be hard (like escape from mount gram or the nin-il-eiph) because it stop me from using most cards in my deck.

Sep 18, 2017 Rouxxor 701

Someone kindly made a video about this deck. It is in french but it can be really better to see it in video so I give you the link anyway: