Power Dwarves

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xDIABOx 94

This is my go-to Dwarves Deck and IMO the best build you could get going tribal.

Thorin Oakenshield or Balin?

This was the first question I had.

Dain Ironfoot is compulsory. The amount of work he does once the engine is running is insane. He provides boost in the first turns and can block really well.

Nori is another compulsory choice, because the deck runs some Dwarves and his abillity can buy a lot of time and avoid nasty 35 effects.

Balin has a great in-built abillity and he was used a lot back in the days, but with the amount of new cards that can generate the same effect, or even better like Jubayr, Balin lost some of his value to the cardpool.

Thorin Oakenshield is a different beast. I use him because of his 3 that turn into 4 with Dain Ironfoot and for a Dwarf deck is pretty good. But the key is his resource boost, it's more than valuable when you get it working on turn #3 or #4.

The trio is set.

I tend to mulligan for Steward of Gondor. Crucial card. It's still the best resource gen in the game. This card broke the "design space" for resource gen in this game, which is sad... but that doesn't mean I'll not use it.

I also want to find a way to start my Dwarf engine running. Bofur is one, Fili or Kili is two.

Fili or Kili are the best catch since they can trigger the +1 Resource on Thorin on the next turn. But Bofur is still a very solid turn #1 play all alone to stay in the table for a turn #2 Dwarf to come in.

I don't want to see any discard-trigger card like Ered Luin Miner or Hidden Cache, and off-sphere Dwarves are also a no-no to start the game with.

I only use 2 Zigil Miner. I see them being played in the mining decks but I don't want to rely on them that much, I rather like to use other card for this particular job, A Very Good Tale. This card breaks the game, it will throw stuff into discard (and trigger that stuff) and fetch some allies in the mix. And this is the card that I love the most in this deck.

I was using it in my Outlands deck but I see so much sense in the Dwarves since their costs are higher and the potential to dig into something else... is just great and breaks the game the way I like to.

Once the engine starts, it will feed itself and run pretty nicelly.

A cool combo is the We Are Not Idle with Lure of Moria, an amount of resources and a card and readied Dwarves. It can provide a huge boost once Narvi's Belt belt is on and Thorin Oakenshield can summon any Dwarf from any Sphere, at least once per turn.

Once the discard is filled, reset with Will of the West. There are also 3 Ered Nimrais Prospector for backup, they can fetch some lost cards or even a lost Will due to discard.

I once used Dwarf Pipe in my main deck but I don't see the value of wasting a slot in that card. Its effect is really good in this deck, to be honest, but a once-a-turn effect that retrieves one card... dunno, I think I can live without it.

I also played Sneak Attack but it's not the card this deck wants, neither To me! O my kinsfolk! which is a bit better since it recycles an Ally.

The perfect nut-draw:

Steward of Gondor


Dwarven Sellsword

This hand is bonkers. It allows Steward + 2 Dwarves for a second-turn 4 Resource'd Thorin. And then is just doing what Dwarves do... dig, dig, kill stuff, dig a bit more!