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ohuerc 227

This deck is entirely a support deck, finding attachments quickly to give to other players, in particular relying on the abilities of Erestor, Círdan the Shipwright, and Galadriel. "Gifts From The Havens" was the original title, because it's all about Noldor finding things.

In this version, the one card that we absolutely must find as early as possible is Vilya. Everything else is nice, helps us grow, but is never strictly necessary. In this particular fellowship, I think Steward of Gondor might sometimes go to Erestor, because Cirdan can have Captain's Wisdom and Erestor cannot, and the other deck has Zigil Miner and Hidden Cache. More traditionally I would put it on Elrond, so he can play the allies that Vilya misses. Remember, Steward of Gondor also enables Denethor's ability.

Other than that, this deck uses very few attachments for itself. To the Sea, to the Sea! helps play allies, while Silver Harp and Gildor Inglorion can save cards from one round to the next. The only other question is whether Cirdan should have Narya, and therefore also have Light of Valinor. This is slightly more efficient perhaps, but giving Gandalf a icon is probably worth a mild inconvenience. That plan also frees up Light of Valinor to go to Glorfindel where it belongs.

In the sideboard: Dwarven Sellsword and Elven Jeweler are both good cheap chumps for the first couple of turns. However, in this fellowship I prefer to think of Erestor as the "chump-in-chief." There is some benefit to letting him die in the mid-game, so that you can keep some events in hand for a while. The other deck can bring him back multiple times, with all this Will of the West lying around. Other than that, some ideas in the sideboard that probably aren't useful often enough to bother. Originally I'd planned to use Elf-stone for my big green allies, and to help with the other deck's allies, but I suspect it won't be reliable enough. I debated hero-Arwen Undómiel and ally-Glorfindel, but I love ally-Arwen Undómiel too much.