Our Powers Combined

ohuerc 227


I took my two favorite decks (and I happen to think, two of the best decks ever), and I smushed them together. The Three Wise Men is designed to grow slowly and steadily into an unstoppable powerhouse, and the Erestor Set is designed to play alongside any fellowship and get it set up much faster. Together they form a fellowship that I confidently expect will crush any quest.

Thematically, I'd say these six heroes are some of the most powerful people in Middle Earth. I'd put Galadriel on that list with them, and probably Beorn too, both of whom are integral to how these decks operate. So it makes sense that this would be a powerful combo! There are a bunch of things going on here that accelerate resources, or put things into play without spending resources. To list them, roughly in order of importance...

There are also many many MANY ways that these decks draw more cards, or play extra cards without drawing, and thus get through the decks much faster than the average fellowship. And because of the resource acceleration, most of the cards will be played or put into play on that first pass through the deck. Again, the draw effects roughly in order of importance...

Along with all that acceleration, these heroes are very strong even before a single card is played. All of them except Erestor have at least one stat at 3+, and each of the three Wise Men has more than one! For the early game, they can be readied and re-used in emergencies, with Cram, Lembas, and Flame of Anor. In the mid-to-late game, they are joined by some of the strongest allies available, and can be used over and over again with Unexpected Courage, Heir of Mardil, Shadowfax, Light of Valinor, and sometimes even Path of Need. Some of the allies will be readied and re-used with Narya. Add some miscellaneous tools for special purposes (Asfaloth, The Houses of Healing, Power of Orthanc, just to name a few) and there should be nothing this fellowship can't handle!