Lord of the Resources

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Seastan 14765

Most Glóin decks work like this:

  1. Generate a pile of resources on Glóin.
  2. Use those resources to play lots of cool cards and help your teammates win.

This Glóin deck stops after step 1. It's goal is simply to generate as many resources on Glóin as possible, abandoning any and all notions of teamwork. It's not exactly a grief deck per se. It couldn't care less whether your party wins or loses.

Mulligan for Master of the Forge. Play Steward of Gondor and Keys of Orthanc on Gloin, and make sure to use Gríma's ability every turn (but save it for the least impactful card you'll play that turn) just to drive your teammates up the wall.

When playing Elrond, be sure to give the impression that you're considering letting each player draw a card, but never actually pick this option. Always heal Gloin.

Again, maximizing Gloin's resources is your one and only goal. Don't be afraid to play down Song of Kings on a partner's hero and transfer all their resources to Gloin with Parting Gifts. Actually, depending on your partner's temperament, you may be reasonably afraid to do this.

The comments section can be used as a leaderboard for most resources on Gloin by game end (win or lose).


Nov 09, 2017 AtaruSlash 3053

Infinity. Infinity resources.