Doomed Dunedain

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Roka 670

Many Dunedain Decks use Damrod to play their Forest Snares for a lower cost. I believe that this is kind of suboptimal, because other traps (like Ranger Spikes or Poisoned Stakes) don't combine well with the Dunedain Deck.

But there is another hero that can play cheap Forest Snares: GrĂ­ma. You lose Damrod's cad draw, but this is thanks to Sarn Ford Sentry not such a big deal. The extra threat is often even beneficial for a Dunedain Deck, and other players shouldn't worry to much about it, because you will take the enemies. And if you get the Keys of Orthanc out, you can basically gain two ressources per round, so you can play your defense attachments and allies much faster.

Grima can also become a decent defender. But Golden Shield and A Burning Brand on him and he will be defending for 4, cancelling all shadow effects.


Dec 08, 2017 Authraw 2119

A lot of neat concepts in here that I never thought about before. Grima + Golden Shield is a great idea!

Dec 08, 2017 Benedikt 186


Dec 08, 2017 Arathorn7 10

Can you post a deck that goes well with this cos I'm sure it needs some help regarding threat reduction.

Dec 08, 2017 pconnors 36

I would imagine any deck to pair with this should contain Lore Aragorn so Grima's doomed wouldn't be too big of a deal.

It does concern me that Grima 'acquired' Theoden's shield 'somehow'

Dec 08, 2017 Roka 670

@Arathorn7 Against most quests you don't need extra threat reduction, maily because you don't worry about engagement checks. Even if you use Grima every turn (which is not likely, because with Heir of Valandil you have later enough ressources) and raise your threat by one more from encounter card effects per round, you still have seven rounds, which is normally enough to win. Against quests with many threat raises i would include Favor of the Valar.

Dec 09, 2017 Arathorn7 10

Great! Seems like a solid deck. I will give it a try.